Dive into the captivating world of “Eyes Only for Him,” a spellbinding #audiobook penned by Louisa Palffy. This enchanting tale revolves around an extraordinary friendship that transcends gender stereotypes, captivating the hearts of both girls and boys alike. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of time, exploring moments we wish would never end.

In this gripping story, time becomes more than just a measure; it becomes the axis around which events revolve. Join the protagonist as she discovers an unexpected friendship, one that transforms into a source of laughter, protection, and a bond that defies the ordinary. Meet her personal bodyguard, a unique character who enters her life by chance yet proves to be the friend she has been patiently awaiting.

“Eyes Only for Him” is a celebration of the moments we cherish, the laughter that slows down time, and the profound connections that shape our lives. Get ready for an audio adventure that will leave you captivated, inspired, and eager for more.

Listen to #audiobook online: Louisa Palffy: Eyes Only for Him

“I have never seen him, but it does not take eyes to make friends.”

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Moje meno je Lujza Pálffyová. Som maliarka a spisovateľka. Moju prvú knihu som napísala v roku 2020.
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