I was bored in the car. Emily gasped somewhere, and I first looked at the passers-by. This bored me, so I changed position and lay down on the back seat. This, too, bored me, so I looked out through the open window again. The minutes went by like clocks, and I was already hungry.

In it I smelled a beautiful smell. Then I saw the beauty. The van unloaded meat, meat, meat to the nearest store. I did not hesitate for a moment and jumped out through the window of the car to the van. It smelled amazing and I started to lick myself. When I hid around the corner of the van, a guy came in with a crest on his head and a leaky apron, but fortunately he didn’t see me. I hopped into the van and hid by the freezer with the meat, looked through the window to see if I could see Emily somewhere, but she hadn’t arrived yet, so I grabbed my baguettes from the empty front seat.


I began to smell the smells that were around, and everything suddenly came to my taste. And in that the door closed, and I almost let go out of fear. I put myself behind the freezer again and the driver started the car. I found even chicken wings in a small saucer, and within thirty seconds there were no more of them. The car was slowly passing through the parking lot, and I saw Emily running around and desperately calling. I wouldn’t be able to bark because a guy would throw me into a shelter for being a “nice” dog. I tried to connect with her thoughts, but she was far away and the car was already coming out of the parking lot.

Tears streamed down her face like a waterfall. I’ve tried many ways to get out and come and calm her down. It was too late. We walked out onto the highway and I saw it for the last time. I didn’t know where we were going or if I would be able to return. I regretted letting myself be seduced by the smell of amazing roast pork or chicken best meat, but Emily will never make up for it. I couldn’t sleep, so I just lay down and they peeked out the open window. An hour later, I noticed that we were going somewhere north. On the way, I saw a small green house that reminded me of my home in London. I wondered if I would ever come home… But nothing is impossible.

° ° °

After two hours, I declared that it was impossible to return home. We finally stopped and I saw the Solihull table. It is so far from London that even the end of the world now seems to me to be a better choice. I slipped into the sausage box, but I was so overeager that I looked at them and I felt sick of overeating. The box was large and with me tremendously heavy. The guy from the car wrote a song and it got on my nerves. When he finally dropped me to the ground and left for the other big boxes, I climbed outside and ran so that no one could see me.

I wandered the streets, feeling like I was in a labyrinth full of zombies. I’ve never been outside London before and that’s why all the people and all the dogs seemed a little different to me. I do not know what it was. I walked around and came across a small Chihuahua that had eyes like a chameleon (on both sides and unnaturally bulging). She barked like she was deprived of her senses, and then I finally got out of her that I was on William Shakespeare’s native street. It looked nice there except for an overly voluminous guy in a huge fur coat. For a while, I had the feeling that Hogwarts groom Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter had wandered here. He really resembled him to me. I walked and walked. I walked onto a really extremely colorful street, where I found a four-star hotel with a huge inscription: Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon. As the receptionist walked in through the huge spinning door, I pushed myself onto the suitcase cart and he happily transported me to the fourth floor to the seventy-eighth room, where a little tasty little girl with dark hair was playing and her parents were just unpacking. The receptionist unloaded the suitcases and I ran into the bathroom. I was waiting for the family to leave and the little girl reminded me of Emily when she was five years old. She showed me photos two days after we met.

When the air was clean husband and wife went out for dinner I climbed into the closet and spent the night there. I was comfortable there. The warmth in the wardrobe pellet was replaced by a cold in the morning. When the family woke up, they drove somewhere in a shiny car right after breakfast.

I was fine at the hotel, but it’s time to make the long journey back home. I was at the bus station at ten o’clock when it rained terribly at that moment. I didn’t really care that it was raining. I need Emily and she needs me. After a while, I was soaked like a wet mouse. As I ran away, I wondered if it was better to go down the road or through the forest. I chose a forest. On the way, they could catch me and then slam the door straight away at the shelter. Already at the first branch, I tore my collar. I looked at it and raised my eyebrows mockingly. I don’t understand how I could have torn it into three parts. I didn’t have a minute to spare. I had to run and come to Emily as quickly as possible. The forest was endless and I also needed to sleep. It could have been around lunchtime when I settled under a fallen tree caught by two boulders and they so nicely formed a small cave. I slept for a maximum of an hour because I was woken up by the cold December sun. I got up and shook off the foliage in which I was lying.

I came to a small village where someone’s lunch smelled lovely. I crossed the road carefully and walked through the streets. Although it was lunchtime, the houses looked dark and scary. A village called Witney. I liked one pale green house at the very end of the main street, so I sat down under the window. The lovely lady unloaded hot breads pulled out of the oven on the front windowsill. The lady handed me one half, and I squatted with her under the canopy. I ate and went to ask for something else to drink. I scratched at the mountaineer’s door and he kicked me out as soon as he saw me – and even threw an old baganja at me. Ill-mannered one! It jerks me when even a fly lands on me and not for one old deranged freak to throw his stinking slippers at me. Sadly, I walked further along the forest. Let me finally be at home, at home, at home… I thought. I ran through the mountain, forest, meadow and grove. The endless journey was slowly running away and I couldn’t find the exit from the “maze” of trees. I’m scared and menacingly afraid of bears – even though I’ve never seen one. It is said that the bear does not live in England, but I think that the bear in the picture is also dangerous. Tina laughs at me for that. Well, how about I’m afraid of bears. While thinking, I wedged my front paw under a huge stone and blood began to flow. I couldn’t choose it from there, so I started barking and squeaking. However, no one heard me. I didn’t know if I would ever get out of there. It hurt, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get to Emily again. I fainted from the pain, and my paw still hurt.

Chapter 20: Waterfall

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