Riley! Stop! ” I shouted, my head spinning as before.

Au. Why did we put the tunnel so hard? Emily what happened?” he complained and was completely unaware of what had happened to me.

How do you get it…. How did you do it? I asked, still spinning like on a carousel.

What am I like? Ah.”

What happened to me the other day happened to me. Riley showed me a picture of what she sees and what she thinks. Before my eyes, Teresa appeared as smooth both Scarlett and Hailey, Henry throwing a yellow ball into the distance, and Hugo always obediently brings it to him, and suddenly… darkness. I was all alone and Rivers ran to catch me because I felt like I had just poured myself alcohol. I sat down and kept holding Riley by the folded leather collar.

“That was…,” while I was searching for the right word, I stroked Riley’s head hair, “amazing!” I finished and the twins ran to me to see if there was a need to call an ambulance.

“No don’t worry. I just… I… My head was spinning,” I told them, and they kept wondering if I was really cool.

Now it got on my nerves because I wanted to know from Riley the details. I tapped my hands on my leg and kept thinking about that interesting picture.

When it was finally calm, I asked Riley, “Well? Can you explain how you came up with this?”

“I don’t know. It just came, and I was taken aback that you were taken aback that I had done something I didn’t know how I did.”

I didn’t know exactly the word I didn’t want to hear from him. The answer I don’t know is probably the worst in the world. So either yes or no.

Well. Now once again, and don’t speak like a chinese man. In English please and not Chinese.”

I laughed because I knew I wouldn’t get anything out of Riley anymore. I don’t know how he did it, but I want it to happen again. I would like to see Mike or my parents standing by me again, Vivien and her little sister, and especially my Riley. The rest of the training I thought about it, but I didn’t come up with anything extra. Teresa Scarlett taught jumping over a metal circle, and Stella taught Tina to catch a fresbee in a jump. I’ve walked the entire track more than five times with Riley. By understanding each other, we do it in a flash. Riley is learning and I’m trying to encourage him. He’s doing really great and I’m extremely glad he thought of it. After training, I pinned Riley to a new leash, and then Vivien and I walked to McDonald’s.

“Give me some more,” Riley thought, but Vivien ignored him.

“Hello miss? Can you hear me? trilled Riley, and then finally missed a piece of cucumber. He looked like Mike was eating a piece of onion, but he was glad that he had at least missed something. Vivien escorted us home, and in the evening Mike was still chasing Riley around the garden. Riley’s thoughts were loud, so I could hear him from the kitchen as well.

“Where do you get so much energy from? You do not and do not get tired. I’m already going to spit out my soul here!” he complained, and Mike kept running somewhere.

Wait. I’m not the youngest anymore!” he said tiredly.

Then, through the closed window, I heard Mike bring a blowtorch and shake it in the middle of the garden.

“No hop, Rieleynko. “

“Firstly, I’m no Rieleynko, and secondly, I’ll never jump on this junk!”

After five minutes…

“That’s amazing! Mike! Add! Faster! he screamed in my thoughts, and I just shook my head in amusement.

I would never have thought that ever Riley would jump on the bandwagon. He enjoyed it and after pat l-hour he was already sleeping on a heated pellet in front of a heated fireplace. In the morning I dressed in a flowered shirt and blackch jeansin and put on red ballerinas. I grabbed my jacket, backpack, mobile phone, wallet and house keys. The house was already empty at eight o’clock, because Mike was leaving for school early today because they had an education in nature, mom and dad went to escort him to the bus. Riley and I went to Vivein and went to school together. Mondays are probably the worst of the whole week. On the way to school, I was churning out an apple, and Riley cleverly finished eating an apple.

Gakujen,” he said with his mouth full, and there was almost nothing to understand.

While I was at school, he ran to Tina and Hailey’s dog playground a short distance from the school. At three o’clock we met my mother and went to arrange something at the bank. We left Riley in the car and he stuck his head through the open window. At the bank, we waited a long time, like in line for donuts in the city center, and by the time mom finally got her turn, almost half an hour passed. Mom was talking to a sunny woman in a red blouse who handed her a few extracts. “Other times I live in the bank for an hour, but today we did it all in thirty minutes. That’s a record, Emily,” my mother laughed, and I dreamily walked down the aisle to my car. When we arrived at the parking lot, my mother told me that Riley was not in the car.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 19: The game – Hide and seek

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