He was waiting for me in the hallway, arguing with his parents. I probably had the best evening out of our family. Mom and Dad probably didn’t watch TV in peace today. The natural history film was apparently about Mike and his bear roar.

I walked in and greeted each other nicely: “Hey, it’s me, how were you? “

Of course, I knew Mike’s answer.

He glared at me while shouting again: “Well, like when you were enjoying yourself with Vivien in the fairgrounds and I was locked up here at home alone. I didn’t do anything, I was bored,” he raged childishly.

“Mike, so you missed my constant notifications. I’m sorry, I came up with a great program for us. We will go to the cinema. For some fairy tale… ” and then he began to thunder even more.

“I’m not going to a stupid fairy tale. I want to go to the fairgrounds,” he chuckled and threw himself on the couch: “I hate you! “

It’s like someone poured a bucket of ice on my head. I froze. I was already angry, I shouted, “Mike, why are you calling me that? Is it because I didn’t take you to the fairgrounds? You don’t have to scold me for it! “

Parents exchanged glances. And daddy intervened, “Why do parents always have to deal with sibling quarrels? Me… ” he said in a very sad tone.

Mike got up and interrupted daddy at the start sentence. I didn’t really expect this. Mike hugged me.

“I would like to be with you only,” he looked at me while speaking in an even sadder tone than daddy, “I’m sorry I scolded you. ” His tears were already on the edge. And it was the turn of excuses.

“Mike you forgive me for not taking you with me. “

“Emily and does the cinema still apply? ” he asked me.

“But you didn’t want to go,” Mike smiled.

So we went to see my laptop, what they were going to play in the cinema on Tuesday. We have found a comedy suitable for children under the age of fifteen. She sounded interesting. We read the description of the film: Doctor Strange is a 2016 American superhero based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Crazy movie.  We may like it. Mike má is very fond of superheroes. The whole room is covered with newspaper clippings. Superheroes and villains. I closed the cinema page and turned off my laptop. Mike couldn’t wait. He was excited about it and spent the whole evening doing nothing but the cinema with his super sister. I will somehow endure this cinema. However, who would I make happy if not my superhero brother.

I sat down on the couch with my parents, but I didn’t sit still for a long time. I wandered around in the kitchen for a while, then changed my position and moved to the couch again. Actually, I was so restless because someone was still occupying the bathroom. I needed a shower.

“Well, finally,”  I gritted through my teeth.

I walked over to the bathroom and rolled my eyes at the clock on the way.

With my mouth open, I began to say, “What time is that? “

I shook my head and took off the robe from the hanger. Red with black dots. I look like a ladybug. Mike also spoke to me for a while, but my mother brought him a yellow one with black stripes the next day. He stopped right away. I laughed in my mind. Mike and the bee.  I opened the door and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and put on my head. I let go of the warm water and watched my – now – straight hair. Soon after combing, they will be slightly curly again. I grabbed a towel and put on my warm fluffy slippers. I brushed my teeth and ran into the kitchen.

Mom was just discussing Mike’s trip to the forest.

“Okay, but who’s supposed to go there? ” she probed from Mike.

“However, some friends or siblings. We are supposed to go with our mother-in-law. And the whole class is supposed to bring someone there,” Mike explained impatiently.

I’m afraid of who mom will suggest that Mike takes with him.

Well. You will marry Emily! ” she said out loud.


I got sick. A bus rushing somewhere in the middle of the forest. At least for just one day. What would one day, one morning. I could do that. I’ll take a full plastic bag of kinedryl and you’re done. But Mike is like a Welsh tourist because he doesn’t know the trails. Even bears – which do not live in England – will flee like an unguided bullet! And he leaves me in the middle of the forest. He will fly around the forest like wildfire, and I will be there with the other members of our big group full of noisy kids. I will be happy if Paige – Viviena’s sister – also comes with us. Mike has been peeping at her for a long time, but as I say, “Mike you have enough time for this. “

I want to be a role model for my brother. I laughed. Me and the guys. Well, for sure. I, too, have time for this. Vivien has the same opinion on this. She prefers to quote, “Level guys. Firstly, he must have completed the first parachute jump and bungee jumping at least once more. ” These are the requirements…

But back to Paige. Paige is one seriously cute little girl with blond hair. She often wears colorful skirts and monochrome T-shirts. She prefers sandals or shoes with funny laces. She and Mike have been going to school together for a long time. Vivien and I are almost neighbors, so when I go out with Vivien, he goes to the park with Paige and John – our neighbor across the street. Together they cycle and run up and down the streets.

Vivien and I arranged our regular meeting at a nearby McDonald’s. We grab something to eat and go for a walk in a nearby park…

Again, someone disturbed me during my dream.


Emily? So, are you going to go to the mountain with Mike on Wednesday? ” she urged.

“Hey, but first I need to buy a plastic kinedryl, because they would kick me out of the bus at the first turn! And where are we actually going? ” I asked.

“Cotswolds AONB,” Mike replied to me.

Cotswolds is a nature reserve near Swindon. The bus ride there takes longer than a long time. Just over two hours. But I have something to look forward to.

I have so many plans this week. I don’t know how to download it. Sanatorium on Monday, Mike’s cinema on Tuesday, Mike’s trip on Wednesday and a sanatorium on Thursday. Oh… I agreed to the trip and said goodbye to my parents and the trip preoccupied with my brother. The cinema has obviously passed him by, but he will probably not forget it. I opened the door to my room and rolled onto the bed. Finally… and I opened Harry Potter. I read for an hour. I looked at the alarm clock, where twenty-three twenty were lit. I did not hear any footsteps from below, so my parents also went to bed. Mike is definitely dreaming a second dream. And I should also plunge into the paradise of dreams. I let my eyelids close with fatigue and was already dozing off.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 3: Sibling Love

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