I woke up before half past nine in the morning. Hurray, Saturday! It was my first thought when I regained consciousness from a restful sleep. Mom had to go to the store with daddy, so Mike remained in my care. By nine o’clock I was still rolling over, and when I was already uncomfortable just hanging around in bed, I went to see Mike in the kitchen. The kitchen was empty, but the TV in the living room was already going. Tom and Jerry. I have no idea how it is that it has not yet passed him by. I looked at my mother’s message on the fridge and blinked twice: We’re home in three hours. My dad and I need to go to the city center to jump into the bank. M.

Well, it’s all fun. I still have to babysit my little brother for two more hours. Super. I heard footsteps from behind and felt someone push me to the side of the fridge.

“Hurry up, I’m going to loot the fridge,” he glared at me, and then smiled mischievously.

I returned his smile with joy.

“Mike, don’t even try. In the refrigerator there is a maximum of onions, mustard and one cottage cheese. Hm… misfortune. “

I closed the fridge in front of his nose with my hand. He stuck out his tongue. How else.

“Well, I hope you don’t want to tell me that you make sense to have onions for breakfast,” I laughed, and he had his… A very dissatisfied expression.

I repeated, “Bad luck! “

He walked away to the couch and crossed his arms in front on his breasts. And he glared at me once more. I said to myself: how many times will I look at me so many times will I return my very useful smile. Useful for such situations.

I wasn’t very creative with breakfast. I had cottage cheese with cinnamon, which I found somewhere on the shelf. I didn’t even bother to take out the plate. I ate straight from the crucible. I took a bag of cinnamon and began to pour. Yummy… The truth is that it doesn’t satiate me much, but by the time my parents arrive I’m eaten. Mike hates cottage cheese. Similar to onions, so I didn’t offer it. While I was sitting on the couch eating the seasoned cottage cheese with a spoon, Mike threw his hateful look at me a few more times. Sibling love.

“Will you switch it? Or is this your best offer in the daily program? ” I drilled into it.

“Mike, but seriously, even those Marvels are better than this! ” I told him.

“Tom and Jerry is a top performer. That is, except for the Avengers, tom and jerry will not surpass them either. After all, they should receive the most Oscars in the world. Did you know that actor Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor, was born in Melbourne, Australia! I always wanted to meet him! And when I logically find his place of residence, I can go ring his bell and ask for an autograph. And when he doesn’t open it for me, I use his hammer with Endgam and smash the door for him. Then he gives me an autograph for the whole class as well. I will be a hero… ” he spewed out one piece of information, or rather one nonsense after another, and his eyes flashed with the idea of heroism.

“Mike, you never break anyone’s window, and who else is Thor? Is this some kind of car mechanic or builder when he has a hammer or what? ” I squirmed.

Of course, I know who Thor is, but I had a great time with my premeditated sentence. Thor car mechanic. Well, that’s just the way it sounds.

I finished my meal and ran out to change out of my heart pajamas. I slammed the room door. I opened the door to the closet and while I was thinking about what my phone rang.

“Well, it’s a good thing. I’ve called you about a million times,” Vivien teased.

Well, twenty missed calls… it would have to burn the whole apartment building so I wouldn’t pick it up.

“What happened, Vivien? ” I asked with calmness from a native Englishman.

But who else would call at ten in the morning? Only she, the other classmates are still asleep. When there is no school, they sleep until twelve o’clock. Typical teenagers. For them, breakfast is usually meat with rice, that is, lunch. It’s only me who’s been watching since half past midnight to read my mom’s message and learn from it, to guard the annoying and now extremely fussy brother.

“But, please. My mom asks you what Mike is taking to the forest. Paige still annoys her with a skirt, but mom wants to make sure that she will not be sam… “

I jumped into her speech: “Get ready that Mike won’t voluntarily stuff himself in the skirt. “

I heard her laugh.

“I didn’t mean that mom hoped she wouldn’t be dressed in a skirt herself, but that she wouldn’t be alone when she dressed lightly,” Vivien finished her thought.

“Please repeat it again. My head is taught to the normal type of talking and not the wind speed in a hurricane,” I didn’t give in.

“Leave it at that. “

“And that’s why I have twenty missed calls from you? ” I asked.

“No, no. Not only did my mother have questions, but so did I. What do you wear in the mountain? I chose jeans and pink sneakers, then a pink white polka-dot T-shirt to match my shoes… So what are you wearing? ” ended the monologue of my super friend.

“I don’t even know what I’m going to wear today, let alone three days ahead,” was my response.

“I didn’t learn much. So, Mike is going to have something free too, and I’m not going to pull much out of you. Pa. “

Pa. “

And she has already canceled.

I went back to my clothes. Today I am tuned to yellow – my favorite color – so I put on a yellow blouse and jeans. I combed my hair and braided two braids. I moved from my room to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I put the brush aside and searched for the last supplies in our kitchen for a while. Of course, I was expecting to find nothing. Mike tried it just before I walked into the bathroom. But we preferred to explore again.

Finally! ” Mike exclaimed.

“Hey kids. ” said daddy in the hallway.

Mom was on his heels, she was still locking the car.

“Shopping, food, rescue… I will not finally die of hunger! ” shouted Mike happily.

I quietly enjoyed free TV on the couch. I was just switching from program to program, and until my mother handed me a fresh baguette, I didn’t really notice the surroundings. My eyes lit up.


French baguette. I bit off the end and listened to the crunching. I finished my meal.

Mike was digging in his shopping bag like a miner in a mine. Or like when a hamster runs around its infinite wheel. He rummaged through the bag one by one and grabbed something from each. If he took one thing from every single bag and put it in place, I could have one less job. But no. He puts what he grabs in his hand on daddy’s jersey and he then puts it where it belongs or what he catches, he unwraps and eats it.

I evicted him from the kitchen and moved him to the couch. There he happily put his feet up and pretended to be a eaten piglet. Slowly, the kitchen relaxed, and the refrigerator was gaining volume. I was putting yogurt after yogurt, chocolate out of two just one more because Mike was snooping it on the couch. And chips also only half of the package. Parents were angry with Mike for not having a proper breakfast, and how would it be if the older sister didn’t deserve a “spanking”. They were angry because I had not once warned him not to eat this in the morning. I sighed, and now I threw a furious look at Mike. He just smiled with a smirk.

The day dragged on like a grandmother at the train station. The tasks are so annoying. First I did my history and then I did math. When I finished with the first phase of learning, my mother called us for lunch. I enjoyed the broth and omelette with potatoes. Then I took the rest of the chips into my room and until I finished my tasks I didn’t even look at my phone.


I put down a notebook and colored pens to mark the essentials in the curriculum, I also smudged aside. The phone was showing three unread messages. One from Vivien and the second also from Vivien, and the third undoubtedly again Vivien. She wrote to me a few minutes ago: Hi, there is a physics test on Monday. Just for info, I advise you to learn it’s really hard. I asked about it in the second grade and they were already writing it on Friday. A massacre of calculations, formulas and I don’t know what else.


I really reject the tasks. What is wrong with me after Pascal’s law. Pascal’s law speaks at most of the chameleons of Rapunzel, namely that when you hide from someone, you are in tune with your surroundings – the very first scene. I remember Rapunzel from my childhood. But what are they confusing physics here. Or some measurements or experiments. For me, it’s a trial and error to try on T-shirts in the store, although I don’t suffer much from fashion so I’m looking for anything but neon shades, but now that the mall is one neon storeroom??? Back to physics. I will learn it. The test will somehow turn out. The teacher does not pay much attention in class, so everyone writes off everyone. Vivien and I don’t put our heads in the clouds too much, so we’d better learn. I’m not saying we can’t help ourselves sometimes… After all, it’s everyone, isn’t it?

I opened the textbook and started learning. Fifty minutes have passed since lunchtime. Hour. An hour and a half. But enough is enough! Physics does not need two hours. I closed the textbook and ran out into the garden.

I put on my red ankle boots and ran outside. I heard my mother screaming from the garden. She screamed and very loudly. Along with me, daddy and Mike also ran into the garden. They watched mom swing her hands from right to left.

“Who threw him here?! ” she shouted.

I was afraid of it, but I hoped that he would blow it away to the neighbors…. or it will be eaten by some nematode. Well, no. He had to stay here and make me nervous again. Couldn’t you eat it, you stupid bird? I looked around the sky and shook my head at the seagull that was just exploring the sky.

Let! Him! Away! Emily, why do they throw that cricket out through the kitchen window and not, for example, through the wardrobe window? From the wardrobe, at least it would have landed on the neighbors, and not on me in ornamental flowers! ” thundered.

I forgot that he was planning to transplant his rocky rose. The cricket wanted to sleep. But couldn’t you really sleep at a neighbor’s house? At least the lazy lazy guy who keeps looking out the window and spying on passers-by to see if they’re doing something illegal would have a little fun. Why my mom? She absolutely does not like crickets, but he simply jumps on her hand and begins to whistle strangely. Who wouldn’t be scared? I grabbed the cricket from my mother’s back of my hand and my dad handed me a glass bottle in which I put the rest.

Thanks… Next time, entertain the neighbor and not me,” mom breathed out loudly and laughed. In fact, we all laughed. After a while, mom continued to transplant a small rose into an earthen pot. Mike happily returned to the room and I heard him listening to music. He also cannot listen to music normally. No, he will give it wellthat not at a hundred and not like me at twenty. Sometimes I feel that not only he but also our whole street is listening to music. I wandered around the garden for a while, talked to my parents and watered the flower bed with roses. I returned to my room and rolled onto the bed. I opened Harry Potter on page 396. I am about to finish the seventh book. I have no idea what I will read afterwards. I’ll google something. Google is so… my second head. My slightly smarter brain. There will definitely be something there. I’ll look into that later. I unraveled my hair from the braids and started reading. Oh Dobby I loved you so much. Why? Hm… I fell asleep. Right above the book, because I woke up in the morning still in a blouse and gray jeans, this time the book served as a hard pillow for me.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 4: My wish

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