Thinking about something that may never even be confirmed is tricky, but sometimes you just need to think and not come up with anything special. Reflecting and looking for insightful answers is nutritious for a teenage brain.

I would have a perfect answer to one question. Was he on earth day or night? If it were night, people would be afraid of darkness throughout their lives. This is variant b but I personally like variant a. If there were a day on Earth first, we would see it as a sign that a bright and bright future awaits us. But on the other hand, without darkness, we would never see the stars.

I pulled myself together and the dream I had dreamed was a thing of the past. At the end of each dream, Riley appears to me. I don’t see him in my dreams because I’ve never actually seen him, but my idea of him is beautiful.

Someone would imagine the image of a dog, but I imagine the image of a dog being that I care about and will return my love…

I like such dreams the most. Since Riley left, I have two lanterns hanging over my bed as a sign that my hope will come true. I know it’s there somewhere, but I don’t know where. The police say that the dogs are getting lost and they are not addressing this. But she tried for a maximum of two days within a radius of two kilometers, and that was in vain. It’s been a week since Riley’s unexpected departure. I stood up and opened the door.

Mike helped his mom at breakfast and muttered about what kind of birthday party he wanted to have and who he wanted to invite.

“Johnny, Carol, Damon, George and Ricky will come. Oh, Patrick with Tarry, and also Freddie with sister June, Paige should have someone to play with. Do you think our house is big enough for them, mom?” he spewed out names one after another.

“You can’t invite so many. Four friends are enough for you. After all, you haven’t even looked at George and Carl for over three months.”

 “Mom! Aren’t you serious?! But I have to have the biggest celebration. Peter invited up to fifteen friends. Even those he doesn’t know!”

“Look, ask Emily here to help us with the celebration, so you can bring five friends. Can it be?”

“But Paige doesn’t count, does it?”, he asked, listening to his mother’s argument for this now.

‘And what is air?”

“Oh my god, mom. Okay five buddies, but I don’t count myself among them, do I?”

“What is the important thing you’re talking about here?”, I said for a change.

‘About the problem like an elephant!” he shouted, angrily walking up the stairs with a thud. Today was supposed to be a relaxing day at last. But it only came out of a very busy morning. Horror. After breakfast, I missed the bus to school. At school, I excused myself to an embarrassing excuse where the teacher was just amused.

“Emily, you’re not serious!'” shouted Vivien as I told her of that fancy morning embarrassment.

“Nothing but C hameleon ran away from my brother’s cage and I searched for him around the house I couldn’t think of,” I explained, and the water ran over her, quenching her thirst, which flew through her nose a moment later.

“If only you had said that you had a bus. What actually happened? “

“Yes, it would be more believable, but that’s okay, the teacher wouldn’t believe me anyway. “

“Okay. I accept. It’s eye-catching. “

We walked to the dining room for lunch. The day passed quickly. Like any other, of course. I had a good conversation with Vivien. She once mentioned an incident in Dinoprak, then joked about an experience at an Ed Sheeren concert, and now she’s just gossiping about Steve Dawlling’s unusual project.

“I also have it on video. If you saw it! It is clear that when she chose the theme of the volcano, there will be several authentic eruptions in the class, but I did not expect this in my life. It exploded according to her plan, until the explosion was directed at Miss Jobs. With a roar, she slammed the door and now apparently continues to roar at Director Ross. Poor girl. She didn’t even plan it that way, as she did. But I have the feeling that someone did it to her on purpose. After all, soda with vinegar up to a meter thirty does not splash out. Whether? “

After a long pause, I concluded that the answer was just around the corner.

I shook my head and replied in a daze: “Someone must have done this to her on purpose. Steve didn’t do anything to anyone. She is nice and likes to make friends. From what I heard, she hasn’t had a problem with anyone yet, and I already know who it was. Come on, our answer is just around the corner.

I had a few ideas as if the person standing around the corner of the dining room could do this, but none of them matched reality.

,,… that really was you, Susain???….”

,,… and they didn’t come to you???

,,… you’re good… “

“Why did you do that to her? ” I spoke, but she ignored me as usual.

“And do you see where I stand? “

Hey! You could have forgiven yourself for that comment,” Vivien glared at her.

“So what, Hudson? You plan to tell the teacher. Dawling deserved it because she sneaked around Timmi. She shouldn’t have done it and will never do it again and she will be fired. The school is tough and does not tolerate such outbursts here. And if they don’t throw her out, she won’t come close to him anymore. I say, she deserved it. I ordered Grece. “

Wait. Grece in this goes with you? Did you like to conspire with her? “

“Yes, they conspired. Steve sneaks around at the wrong time in the wrong place. I am not to blame for this. And on top of that, Hudson, I’m getting out of my way, because with your behavior and getting into me, it doesn’t end the best with your dog. He still owes me a torn expensive skirt here! Don’t let your dog even get in my way. “

“Fine! As you wish, let it be yours, but leave Riley out of it…”

“Did you miss what? He ran away because you couldn’t see where you were going what? Good thing that at least one annoying insect has run away does not bother me here. Get out of my way, because I won’t be so tolerant anymore! And when it gets tough, I’ll be the last to laugh at your failure, Hudson! Grace, here we go! “

“And to make it clear Susain, let’s see who will laugh last! ” said Vivien, and I wrinkled my eyebrows.

“Let him go. She is not worth it to me. Do you think she saw herself in the mirror in the morning? I don’t know who the biting and annoying insects are now? “

“How can you take it so easily. You’ve always had a hard time enduring the departures of loved ones and Riley’s probably the worst, so why don’t you mind? “

“I know Riley is alive. I have no proof of this and I have no idea where he may be, but I know one thing or no one will stop me from loving him until I have proof that I will not see him again. Two lanterns shine in my room as a symbol of hope… He is more than just a dog and more than just a friend, a being who has an indescribable feeling for me. We are like two halves that cannot exist without each other, and this is the bond that I cannot explain in one word. Simply… I know that… somewhere else is and thinking of me… for our first meeting… first sleepover… and… ” I already had tears in my eyes not only myself, but also Vivien.

Of course, I can’t tell her about our first bump in his and my head. She would probably think I belonged somewhere in psychiatry or something. I had to come up with something…

“And his first affectionate haggling, as if we understood each other,” I didn’t lie, I just colored the truth a little.

“Emily, you talk about him as a person. I have never heard this from anyone, not even my aunt, who is an unbearable dog handler. Wow! I already understand why you have not moved a step away from each other. “

“I’m sorry. I would still talk, but I already have chemistry to do, so… hello for now. “

“Hey Emily,” she greeted and I escorted her to the gym. I went up the stairs and settled in the lab to the right of the window.

° ° °

Only half an hour left. I thought to myself, it didn’t work. When the school bell finally rang at half past three announcing the children fly home, today’s program is exhausted… I jumped up, grabbed my bag and walked over to the bus stop. The bus was delayed as always. At barely three o’clock I got home and was rolled onto the bed where I fell asleep.

Tedious afternoon!

° ° °

“Get up! ” shouted a voice at my bedside.

“And to you already… entirely… skipped? ” I yelled at Mike and almost inadvertently glued one to him. I shook my hand a little from the fright. UPS! It was not Mike who grabbed it, but the frame with photos, which spilled on the ground into a thousand unloadable pieces. Mike was in a good mood and spread it to those around him in the form of jokes, funny stories, and hilarious, somewhat biting remarks to individual members of our family.

Funny early evening!

° ° °

After dinner, I worked out a project in English and an example from physics. Fortunately, physics and chemistry are only in the first year. After completing both unbearably boring activities, I concluded: a boring evening. The day developed diversely, feeling downhill: a fun morning, a very interesting lunch, a tiring afternoon, a funny evening and a boring evening!

° ° °

I’ve got it!

After all parts of the day projected through my head as one magical axis of events, I realized that the life I live is like a written exam at school. Many fail in it because they try to write off from others, they do not realize that each of them has a different assignment, some are super successful because they have prepared conscientiously, others are lucky, and some are smart and know something and guess something correctly. After this judgment, I thought deeper and deeper.

It’s crazy what I want to do right now! I sat down at my desk at my computer. Some would say that I practically can’t see the computer, but I also have my gadgets on the computer.

Braille writing.


I started writing:

Don’t forget, Riley, wherever you are I am there with you. The past is the master of you, it is not possible to change, but the future is the master of you, that preaching even the impossible, she will worship you to the ground… You can do it… I love you very much.


° ° °

I’m trying to put my life together, but I can’t find adhesive tape anywhere… What would make me so strong for now?!…. I decided to put my adventures with Riley in writing. My fingers were running on the keyboard and I was typing, just as I had experienced it all with my dog friend… I fell asleep on the keyboard, and in the morning Mike laughed at me extremely for it. Letters and dots lined my cheek.

Emily!? How did you sit at the computer all night? Mom! And you accuse me ofplaying whole nights of the game. That Emily here is a gambler!”

“I didn’t play games! Ehm… I was writing a homemade one from biola.”


“I’m in a hurry to go to school… Hey there! “

I slammed the door and thoughtfully repeated questions from history… Charles VI, Habsburgs, Joseph II, footsteps, voice and barking? The keys fell to the ground and tears poured down my cheeks. I haven’t seen him, but the thoughts speak for themselves! Riley?!

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 23: Phenomenon

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