Mrs. Brown was waiting for me. I took a taxi a short distance from Elephnat Park. Mrs. Brown was waiting at the green building with the inscription Senior Garden. She is a sympathetic lady in years. At first glance, I was attracted by brown heeled boots, but overall it was elegant. Her hair was curly chocolate brown, nicely groomed. I paid a nice taxi driver and walked to the entrance.

“Hello Mrs. Brown,” I greeted politely.

“Hello Emily! I welcome you to my kingdom. I am extremely glad that you accepted my offer,” shehealed me and then introduced me to other, very nice people.

“Hey Emily! ” a lady in a wheelchair approached me.

The sight saddened me. You had to go through so much. She was missing her left leg…

“Hello, Mrs. Luna,” Mrs. Brown continued to introduce herself.

“Mrs. Samantha Luna was my former neighbor. When she was sixty, she had a car accident and has been in a wheelchair ever since. “

We walked past the gentlemen who played big chess, the women who knitted, and the very kind lady. She could have been seventy. I guess. She looked very nice. Her hair was silver. She wore a magnificent pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet to it. I smiled kindly at her. She, too, was in a wheelchair, but I don’t know why. Mrs Brown introduced it to me.

“Emily, this is Olivia. Olivia – Emily. “

“Hello, Mrs. Oliviand. I am a new volunteer at Garden Senior. It’s nice to get to know you. “

She was full of life. A smile lit up her face. Wrinkles were covered with a happy smile.

“Hello Emily! My names are Oliviand Dawson. I love getting to know you too,” she spoke to me kindly.

We talked for a while more and together we went to see the garden where there was a yoga class. Then Mrs. Brown introduced me to the director of the sanatorium. The director is Joey Olson. I know her from tv. When she was younger, she sang on stage in front of thousands of people. When she came to an older age, she was replaced by her daughter Katrin. I like her songs or rather know them, but they are not one of my favorites. The first place for me belongs to Ed Sheeran and Christina Perri.

Katrin sometimes helps in the sanatorium, but apparently I will not meet her, because she is traveling in New York. For the sake of a career.

From the headmistress, we moved back to the reception. I was given tasks that I had to complete and then I went to talk to Mrs. Oliviou. Mrs. Brown had to go to pick up the parcel from the courier, so I was left alone with Mrs. Oliviou.

“Emily, do you need anything? ” she asked worriedly.

“But no, Mrs. Dawson. I just thought you would be happy to talk to you a little bit so that we could get to know each other more. You look very nice,” I smiled at her.

“Please don’t call me, Mrs. Dawson. All it takes is Mrs. Oliviand,” she asked me politely.

“Okay, Mrs. Daws… Oliviand,” I corrected myself halfway through the sentence.

“If I may ask. How did this happen to you? ” curiosity did not allow me to be discreet.

“Of course you can… When I was fifty-two years old, something terrible happened to me. It was before half past eleven at night. I went home with my husband from the theater. The theatre was not far from our modest house. We were already almost at home. All we had to do was cross the pedestrian crossing and we would be at home,” Ms. Olivistarted her story.

I listened like on needles.

“At that, a drunk truck driver rushed out from the right side. It knocked us down. I was in shock. It was awful. My husband threw me on my side at the last moment before his death – on the sidewalk. The husband was dead on the spot. I survived only thanks to his quick reaction. The truck capsized and wedged me under a huge hood. I fell unconscious… Darkness… And what happened then I know only from the talk of the rescuers. I was taken away by ambulance and went through hell in the hospital. Surgery, many examinations and sadness. I was very sad for my husband, but today I am grateful to him for saving my life and sacrificing himself… “

I wiped the tear that flowed down her face with my finger. Even after so many years, it was still a very sensitive subject.

“I am very sorry, Mrs. Olivia. He did what was right and he was definitely the best person in your life. “

“You’re right. He was and always will be the best and kindest man in my life. “

“You’re brave how you handle it,” I supported.

“Thank you, verykind,” she complimented me.

I smiled gently. I came to regret that the life story of this lovely lady was so sad.

“Don’t be sad. Almost everything went well. “

She saw that I was worried.

“Thank you for telling me. “

“And when we say that everything went well, this is my daughter April. “

A woman entered the room. She had waist-length hair. Bronze brown turned on in a braid.

“Hey, you’re Emily, aren’t you? My mother told me about you how you were going to help old people,” she greeted me politely.

“Yes, I’m Emily. Hello! ” I greeted the lovely lady.

“At this time, it’s hard to find a girl as willing and kind as you are. “

Thanks. “

“Mommy I need to order a check-up with a doctor, would you come with me? ” asked Mrs. Olivie.

“Yes, but first… ” she looked at me, “See you Emily. So on Thursday. Hi my. “

“Goodbye and have a nice day! ” I greeted to leave.

I moved back to the garden, where Mrs. Brown was talking to an elderly gentleman by the marble column. I looked at my phone. It was exactly fifteen thirty-eight. It’s time to go home. So I walked closer.

Sorry. Slowly I have to go. Thank you so much. See you on Thursday. Goodbye. ” “Okay Emily. And a happy journey. Hello! ” she nodded to me.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 6: Here and now

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