“Damn it! ” I scolded.

In a hundredth of a second I was on my feet.

Not. It can’t be Monday! “


There is.

School and, in turn, terrible teachers. Why can’t only those holidays be a week longer? I dragged myself down the stairs like an even slower snail. Parents with Mike were already eating cereals. They looked at me, but I had absolutely no idea why. I nodded to them, but I couldn’t get enough of the words. I’m still too tired for that. Mike began to chuckle. I don’t understand what. Next, I dragged myself into the bathroom and saw my image in the mirror. And this is who? This, this…


In the mirror, I looked like a scarecrow from the field, which even crows are afraid of. Or, in my case, my younger brother is also laughing at me. I grabbed the brush and thought how good it was to unravel my braids. That would really make my head look even worse than it does today. I started combing myself. Au. I walked out of the bathroom and sat down at the table. Mike continued to laugh.

“Well, ha ha ha! ” I glared at him.

I took a spoon from a drawer in the kitchen and a bowl of drezu. I opened the fridge and pulled out the milk. I moved to the pantry, where I bent down on the bottom shelf and pulled out the cereals. I teleported back to my chair and Mike kept giggling.

“Mike,” his mother warned him.

I looked at him siblingly. I didn’t really like cereals today, so I pushed five to the edges of the bowl with a spoon. Mike finished eating first. That is, if it can be called eating. He literally gnaws. Sometimes I feel that he is an omnivore. That is, except for nails and screws. Although it is said that iron is important for the human body, no member of our family has tasted screws and nails. No one dared to do this. I would rather eat onions, which I hate from the bottom of my soul, than clog my stomach. But away from the food. I am returning to a reality where nails are not eaten.

September and still a whole new school year ahead.


I thought bored. I washed after myself and also after the swallower and my parents. When I was done, I went to change from tight jeans to even tighter ones. I changed my mind. Today is extremely nice – for the fact that it is September and I am in London. And so it is worth putting on a yellow skirt. I closed the door and ran to the closet. I was digging in my clothes until I came across her.

“I’ve got you! ” I exclaimed happily.

But what about her?

I don’t know. I dived back into the depths of my wardrobe — based on shoes rather than dresses, T-shirts, skirts and trousers — looking for two knee-highs. One dark blue with daisies and the other black with red hearts.

Ha! “

I found them and quickly got dressed.

I finally put on a heart-shaped and planned yellow skirt with a white shirt. I looked in the mirror and quickly combed out my bun. I put on red ankle boots and picked up my sun-yellow school bag.

Vivien was already eagerly honking in front of the house. Is it already half past eight?

Damn it.

I ran out of the room and took the stairs three at a time. Next to my mother, I just squinted. Daddy was standing in the front garden so at least I shouted hello. I got into Viviena’s white Škoda and she was already starting.

“Well, damn it! “

He says it quite often and it gets on my nerves. Can’t it be exchanged for a normal human simple hello?

“Hey Vivien! ” I greeted her.

We drove quietly on the way. It’s not that we didn’t have anything to say to each other, rather we didn’t want to talk. We both hoped that school would miraculously be postponed by two weeks due to a check-up or a breakdown. Miracles don’t happen while you wait, I’m used to it. We were already in front of the school. I go to Art Academy school a short distance from home. Thus, by car it is a short walk from the house.

“And you’re like… Em… couldn’t she park even further? ” I threw a questioning expression at her.

Not. The beginning of the school year. You have to run a little in front of the body. Come. “

She got out of the car. She wore a gorgeous green T-shirt and black shiny jeans with black pumps. I don’t understand who puts on boats for school.

“Well, under already! ” she screamed and pulled my hand. I barely got out of the comfortable seat of the car. With my left hand, which did not pull me out of the car, I grabbed the yellow school bag from the back seat and was already standing on my heart-black legs.

The day was boring. My wish is that I do not sit so bored in the school bench for the rest of the school year! I am looking forward to a normal school day and professional art subjects.

Vivien literally devoured the school atmosphere when she didn’t have to learn. But that’s only today. She drank two coffees in the morning, but tomorrow she will be faint and tired like me. And bored…

We also have maths at school. Logic, math, physics, chemistry and many other logical-chemical science subjects that are taught at school do not suit me. So I don’t collect fives. But I don’t even collect units, I’m not a philatelist.


I’ve never been the best of the class. But by taking a year at a new school, I also got a worse grade than a two. No one is perfect, but the curriculum does not change. School, evaluation and classification always, but really always remain the same. Mike is worse off than me. Occasionally, a foursome randomly lands in his school book.

So I spend time with him – my free time – and he brings home a foursome?

Well, not this one.

I endured it for a while, but then I told myself that it was his grades and not mine. When he needs to come and when he doesn’t need me he annoys me anyway.

I didn’t enjoy math, but teacher Amanda Dragonfly is quite nice. But even so, he has the nickname dragonfly. She constantly observes the surroundings, thinking that she is invisible when she stands at the glass door and peeps down the hallway where the pupils have lockers. The physics teacher is terrible. Literally. It gives tests wellthat not on the first day of school. Don’t understand. The results will be tomorrow. It was quite easy so I hope it goes well.

Certainly. Don’t worry. ” Vivien tried to calm me down.

“I know,” I said.

We had a break and I wentout. It was nice and I wanted to take advantage of this magical day. Vivien and I sat down on the curb and started eating. We talked and after a while it rang the bell.

“Hello! ” precovered me when she had to go to English with teacher Matt Taylor. He earned the nickname Exclamation Point because he screams squeaky like a hundred angry teachers. I looked at the schedule where the biology class with the Orchid was written. Miss, actually a very young lady, because she is no more than twenty-eight, Cassandra Xavier has been teaching biology for a year. She also came from America like me but not from Chicago. From Los Angeles.

She met new students who came to biology. Two. They don’t come to my class. To the secondary. One Irish and the other Icelander. An Irishman as usual orange curly hair and an Icelander straight chestnut-brown hair cut to the shoulders. Golden round earrings stood out on her face.

“Nice,” I said.

The newcomer Irishman introduced himself, surrounded Ireland, said something about himself and sat down again. Iceland’s Lara did the same in reverse order. She talked about fashion and why she enrolled in the Art Academy. She reminded me of Vivien’s style of dress.

After the end of the lesson, we had a corporal one. Horror. We ran and ran. And Vivien ran away to drink. She brought it to me too. Water. Ooo… Yummy. When they stopped torturing me with running, we went to change clothes from leggings and sweatshirts.

A black-haired Barbie also appeared in the dressing room. She stood in the door frame with her best friends. Daisy and Grace. They have known each other since time immemorial. They are and always will be. They started laughing at how tired we are and we have poor fitness. My classmates were offended and began to quarrel with the Barbins. I changed into a yellow skirt, stretched my knee-highs to above the knees. Vivien put back on her emerald T-shirt and giggled when she was supposed to put on her pumps after the run. I already wondered in the morning, when getting out of the car, who is putting on pumps for school, and here we are… I do not think that she will learn from this situation for the future.

We walked slowly towards geography. At the ward, we were told that Teacher Dere had fallen ill. I was sad because the teacher is very nice and the lessons with her are interesting. The best class and geography I’ve ever known.

Thelast hour has fallen on us.


I will be with Mrs. Brown earlier and I will be able to help as a volunteer for longer.

° ° °

Vivien and I also sat down with Teressa and Stella Santos for lunch. They are twins. Teresa is a tall, pretty and always well-groomed short-haired black-haired woman. Stella is as tall as her sister. His hair is up to his shoulder blades and always combed out in a ponytail. Without different hair, they are absolutely the same. I dress the same. Today they are attuned to royal blue, and with black jeans, this fully testifies to them. They come out with us sometimes. But more often we meet at school. They live very far from us, so we have small disagreements about where to meet. We all ate something and then Henry and Kevin joined us. They walk with Teresa and Stella. Henry – Stella. Teresa – Kevin. They are our classmates. They are still inventing something. They remind me of Fred and George from Harry Potter. With them we go out more often than with twins. They live two streets away. They are in charge of the football team of our school – colorful eagles. But most often I go out with Vivien. After all, best friends. For a change, it’s nice to be with someone else and not just talk about grandma’s things and problems. A little guy’s fun is needed. In the afternoon, we still ran out to the nearby park near our school for half an hour, but at three o’clock I had to leave our group of six.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 5: Smile

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