I opened the door and mom and dad were sitting at the table. I looked for Mike with my eyes, but he was nowhere to be found. Mom was looking at the white envelope. Daddy was uneasy. I haven’t seen him like this in a long time.

“Emily, come on… sit down. ” my mother told me. She barely spoke the word sit down.

“Hello. Is something wrong? “

Of course, I recognized the envelope, which my dad was now holding for a change. I took off my clothes.

“Emily, b ude better if you warm up a little first, come on in there,” she said seriously. I didn’t have much time and I wanted to know the answer in an envelope. I quickly ran out into the room and changed into sweatpants and a yellow sweatshirt. I took a deep breath. I am ready for anything. I ran down the stairs.

Emily. The results of the examination came,” my mother told me.

I remembered the examination before the summer holidays. I was on the eyeball at Mr. Austin Oggi’s. I complained to my parents about the wrong vision. When I was still living in Chicago, I wore glasses. As a newborn, I had eye problems. At the age of twelve, I didn’t even want to hear about glasses. I simply did not address it. I had retinal damage to both eyes. They laughed at me at school, and while I had glasses on my eyes, the ridicule did not stop. Only Vivien stood by me. She, too, wore glasses, but not dioptric. She pretended to have to wear them. We had only known each other for two years and she had already been to the store to buy glasses without diopters. From the beginning, I knew she was the best person and friend. Her glasses were huge compared to her small face, so she became the center of ridicule and attention. She was amazing when she did it for me. Then it got on our nerves, so we threw them in the trash together. The glasses didn’t help me, so I threw it out of my head. When I was sixteen, I began to notice it. At first, I only plastered it once in a while, then more often. It didn’t seem like it, so she ordered me for an eye exam in May. And I will find out the result of the examinations now, because it was a special examination that required a long time for analysis.

I froze.

My head was spinning.

Mom took a breath: “Emily, you’re going to have surgery. “

That was a sub-tape. It’s like someone hit my head with a frying pan. I raised my eyebrows. I tried to look balanced. But my brain voted for a proper cry, not for silence. Silence kills me. Mom said nothing. Daddy opened his mouth, but he also didn’t say anything. He plunged and I lifted my eyes off the ground.

“The deadline is in a month. Don’t mention anything to Mike so he doesn’t get scared unnecessarily. I promised my mom that she would find out about it just before the surgery,” he said sadly.

My brain won.

Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes and I wanted to do everything at once. Scream, yawn, roar, cry. All at once. But it couldn’t get any worse.

Well. Promise. That’s what I’m up to… so bad? ” I almost didn’t say the sentence.

I sat down on the couch. I wiped a tear running down my cheek. I stood up. Truth. I never sit for a long time. Mom came to me and hugged me tightly, daddy joined and we gave one of those family hugs that give us strength in difficult moments.

“And what kind of surgery is it supposed to be? “

I have already calmed down a little, so I got a sentence out of myself that makes sense.

“Laser,” mom couldn’t help but say more.

Well. This can be done. Feel free. Everything will turn out well,” I tried to lift the gloomy mood in the room.

My insides protested again. I wanted to run and go somewhere far away to cry. But I don’t plan to get wet in the rain again. That would have to be very, very wrong.

Uff. But that’s what I ended up with. I am seventeen and I will have my first eye surgery. And I hoped that this would await me only when I turned eighty.

I crooked my lips. My eyes flew to the clock. Half past eight. I’m going to change into warm pajamas.

“Would you mind if I’m already slowly going upstairs to my room? “

Not. Sure, go upstairs calmly. I’m going to have the pancakes reheated. Please go to the neighbors for Mike. They are played at the Greens. “

“Okay, I dem,” I replied somehow mechanically.

I put on my boots again and put on a black jacket. I put on a red cap with white dots and I’ve already unlockedthe lock ok. And I almost went out into the rain. Still an umbrella. This time I will not forget it again. I smiled into a triumphant smile like an annoying lady with a lavender raincoat. I stretched it out and crossed the street. I rang the doorbell at the neighbors.

“Ohjo ooój! I got a segra,” I heard Mike from the open attic window. John probably has a room there.

“Hello Emily! ” mrs. Green greeted me.

Justin peeked out of the living room window. So they’re already fine with Mike. At least when he gets home I won’t have to deal with what Justin did to Mike again. One less problem. That is, rather. Problem solved. For now. In two days, they will quarrel again, and it will be here again.

“Good evening, Mrs. Green. How are you? ” I asked politely.

We talked for a while until lightning flew out the door – Mike. He greeted Mrs. Green and had already flown across the street. The comparison of lightning suited him quite well. While I unlocked the door, Mike was humming something to himself. I did not notice it.

“Halooó. Emily? Earth calls Emily! “

Hey hey. I’m just thinking,” I replied sourly. I don’t like it when someone interrupts me, when I think and with in my other extragalactic thought world.

“What did you want? I was thinking about a maths assignment. “

“Actually, is the cinema valid tomorrow? ” he asked with a plea and at the same time a question in his eyes.

Yes. Sure! ” I replied.

I thought a little about choosing a movie and continued, “And do you want to go for that Dr. Stranger? “

I was hoping he would say no and we’d go for some better fun than the Marvel movie.

“No one in the class has ever been to it. I will be the first! “

I blinked twice and he looked at me incomprehensibly.

“Well, under already, ” I drove him inside.

I unfastened my shoes on the rug in front of the door, shook off the raindrops from the umbrella, and closed the door. I had a quick dinner. Just sweet pancakes and at half past eleven I went to bed. I turned off Netflix and also the light in the living room.

Before leaving, I said, “I’m back in my standby mode. Good… ” I said lazy.

And then I yawned. I lay down and was already asleep. At night, something seemed to me. But when it came to 5D, it was no longer a dream.

Fie. Are you normal? Why are you pouring on me? Mike! ” I thundered.

He poured him a glass of cold water. I bet he put it in the freezer at half past five so that he could “make me happy” in the morning. I rolled my eyes. Mike sneered. And I pursed my lips.

“Good morning, nurse! ” he said, having a breathtaking time in the process.

“And who are you telling good morning? Me? Well, no. You didn’t do me a good morning. Get out and don’t show those glasses to my eyes anymore today! “

I sat down in a Turkish seat. I changed my clothes for school. Kaki trousers and a striped pullover are the right choice for today. Today I decided to put my school things in a yellow backpack from the Marc Tanner brand. I love this brand. It has all sorts of leather products. From wallets to leather cases for glasses, pencil case and bags of various sizes. I also have a handbag with my name on it. It is very nice and practical. All things from this brand are of high quality and practical. Vivien has also proven itself well with this brand. He has an amazing wallet. Small, but very stylish. I guess I’ll order it too. I like a leather notebook the most. It is almost full. I’ve been writing it down for almost a year. And just a few pages and there will be nowhere to write my notes and feelings…

“Emily, breakfast! “

I was frightened. I don’t even know why.

“I’m going,” I said.

I ran down the stairs. I grabbed the muesli from the top shelf and slipped in the lower cabinet for a while.

Yes. ” I grumbled.

I grabbed the bowl and slowly poured the muesli. Mike giggled at his sandwich, and I looked at him suspiciously. I raised one eyebrow and he began to chuckle even more. I had a bewildered expression that my mother also noticed. She looked suspiciously at Mike’s expression. Mike was frightened by his mother’s gaze, so he fixed his eyes on the uneaten sandwich. I took a spoon from the drawer and went to sit down at the table. I was really very hungry. But also thirsty. I stood up and rolled my eyes…

“And what is it supposed to be? ” I declared after opening all the drawers, shelves, cabinets and all the joints that are your kitchen.

Hello? What is it supposed to be? ” I repeated again.

I stared intently at Mike’s suddenly blank gaze. From Mike’s empty expression, I reproached that he had done it.

“What do you mean? ” Mike replied to me with a smirk.

“Well, what do I mean? ” I asked cheekily.

“Mike, damn it. Where are all the glasses? “

“You said you didn’t want to see them today,” he said very kindly.

He was taken aback. He saw that I was going to pierce him with a look.

Oh… Show me where they are? “

Not. Find them yourself,” he smiled, thoroughly enjoying this extremely funny situation.

I do not have the time or the mood for this. I will not make myself uncomfortable this morning. I threw the bowl of breakfast into myself within a minute and then moved to the backpack room. I raked in black conversy sneakers and a black jacket. I should have dried it. It is still wet from yesterday’s rain. But not from the inside. Thankfully, mom doesn’t see it. I greeted my parents, but I only nodded to Mike. I will not complain, but I am not happy to take him to the cinema today.

“It’s raining again, what? ” a familiar voice rang out.

Hello. But I wouldn’t expect you here today. How are you Vivien? “

“Well, damn it! “

I didn’t really expect her today. At least he will make my morning more pleasant with his monologue.

Well. I have news. Barbie wrote this morning on Facebook. I’m guessing everyone will be asked this one more time at school. “

I didn’t want to know what Barbie wrote about on the social network, I will hear it at least five more times at school today. We slowly braked in the parking lot. We got out of the car. In front of us, a group of ten people gathered. In the center stood Barbie and her SBS- carts. The group dissipated and the troika approached us.

“What do they want? ” I whispered to Vivien in the ear.

See. I didn’t see it all in the morning. Name only. But the latter was written only briefly: #Birthday. I guess someone is celebrating,” she informed me.

Barbiny were only two meters away from us. They stopped.

“Hey there. Want to go to our party? ” she asked in a tone of a very sour lemon.

I didn’t know what to say, so nothing came out of me. Vivien obviously had an unprepared sentence. But it worked out for her. And very much so.

Not. We’re going to brush our teeth all evening,” she said sweetly.

She pulled my hand and I started laughing. She dragged me all the way to biology to the Orchid.

“Well, that was good! I almost burst into laughter. “

We started chatting like Mike at breakfast. I can already understand how he can chuckle so often. When something is ridiculous, who wouldn’t laugh. We laughed at this for a long time. The morning passed quickly. I have answered questions a few times. I wrote a few tests, I overeat something and it was already afternoon.

° ° °

Mike was waiting for me outside the school as my parents were waiting for a freshman. I felt that way. All it took was that: “Hello. How was it? What about classmates? What were they like? ” Just such sentences for a freshman. Cuddly.

We got on the red bus and while we were traveling Mike confided to me where he hid the glasses: “… You can find them in my desk room…. Come on, we’re already performing! “

He had already grabbed my hand and flew with me down the stairs of the double-decker bus. I greeted the chauffeur and we were already standing in front of the cinema.

So. I’ll have XXL popcorn, cola, chips and a packet of candy… ” said the lady behind the counter.

“Just popcorn. Small! ” Mike pursed his lips.

The lady handed it to me and we went to the cinema. We settled into the black and green sofas in the penultimate row from the top – perfect view. Mike occasionally squirmed and laughed during the film. I was uncomfortable when people looked at us like circus children. I couldn’t stand it any longer: “Don’t freak out! Don’t look back! And most importantly, stop talking like that! Everyone is noticing you! ” I threatened him in a whisper.

“So should I be quiet? “

“Exactly,” I said in a winning tone.

“And can I breathe? “

Yes! “

And now they were looking not at him, but at me. The lady next to me was nervous about our whispers. Mike just laughed. I just awkwardly sat down in a comfortable sofa and watched… no I suffered from the movie. After the end, everyone from the cinema ran home, but Mike just sat happily. Almost all of them left, but a few enthusiasts remained.

“Why are we sitting at the headlines? ” I asked.

“I’m waiting for a preview of the next Marvel movie,” he told me.

I was taken aback. So I haven’t experienced this in the cinema. We waited and we waited. The scene was only about a minute at the end of the film. They did not show more. We took the bus back home. He stopped us where we needed to. I still had to go to the store with Mike. We picked up a few little things and then finally went home. I was really tired of the whole day. We arrived and had dinner together with my parents. Mike told his parents how cool it was in the cinema. Basically the whole dinner was a recap of the film. At the end of the dinner, it was also my turn and some experiences from school. Mike pleasantly surprised me because at the end of dinner he thanked me for a great experience. It didn’t seem so great to me, but in the end I’m glad that the movie afternoon went well. Today I didn’t hurt much to prepare for school and soon I moved to bed, there I fell asleep tired from the whole day.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 8: Welsh tourist

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