The next morning I got up early. Because of two things, I put my alarm clock on a quarter to seven. First of all, because of the kinedryl and because of the trip. Today I was excused from school because I am going to the forest with my brother. Mike couldn’t wait for a trip to the forest like yesterday’s cinema. He goes to the forest at eight o’clock. I have a pharmacy a short walk from my house and that’s why I was equipped within a minute. By the time I got out of the house, nothing could be heard but my phone ringing in the upper room. I had the window open, so I definitely outraged the whole street with my ringtone. I quickly ran up the stairs to my room. But before that, someone stopped me.

“What’s the matter? After all, it is still… night,” Mika muttered to himself in a still sleepy tone.

“Sleep, you’re just dreaming of all this. You’re a superhero and they have to sleep until lunchtime,” I told him like a fortune teller.

He obeyed and said, “Okay, but when the Hulk arrives, tell him to call me Ironman and he’ll put everything in… Fine. “

He almost didn’t even say a sentence. He yawned and had already closed the door.

I quietly closed the door and played music on my mobile. I opened my biology and started writing the assignment by next Thursday. At least I will have it ready. Once in a while, I hummed and then grabbed my watch on the bedside table. They showed seven hours twenty minutes. Mike’s alarm clock will ring in ten minutes. I have to do something wicked too. I buried myself in a drawer and found the last white balloon. I inflated it to try to draw a clown on it. I succeeded – quite. I tied it with a string and went to hang it over his bed. Mike finds a beautiful surprise in the morning. I grabbed his phone and set the alarm in a minute. I quickly evaporated from the room to the outside and closed the door. I leaned back to hear his scream.

Aaaa! Fuuúj! ” he shouted.

I opened the door and leaned unobtrusively against the frame.

“Hello” How are you? How did you like my gift for the morning? ” I greeted a frightened Mike.

“Hahaha… ” said oduto.

“So 1:1.”

I winked at him and already left so as not to eat him even more. Mom walked out the door frightened, and Dad rolled his eyes just as he walked out of the bathroom. I did not notice when he moved there. Mike made his way on a trip, and so did I. I especially liked the breakfast. Pancakes… Yummy… At eight o’clock we also met Vivien and little Paige in front of the school.

Hello. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, how? ” I asked Paige.

“Okay,” she said shyly.

It’s quiet, but it’s also fun. We are such a team of four absolutely different creatures. I’m creative, Mike is funny, Paige is nice and Vivien is sporty. We are a great team together.

“Get on.”. ” said teacher Mika and Paige.

I threw myself one reliable kinedryl pill and already handed the ticket to the chauffeur of the school bus. Cotswolds AONB is a nature reserve where we like to walk with our parents. There’s a lot of room for Mike where he can do crap. I’m worried about how I’m going to handle it today.

The other day he asked me, “What if I took a mushroom from a hedgehog from prickly pears? “

Of course. But what is it for? However?

To this I replied, “Mike hedgehogeats insects, you thorns. “

I don’t even know where it was stored in my head. I just remembered it. Well, nothing. I am already looking forward to exploring the forest. The journey was too long. My stomach screamed for us to stop even for a minute. I needed to walk around the bus at least.

Vivien first told me about another new collection in the mall:….

“And then I tried on such a black shiny skirt. But then I say to myself that I still have at least five new ones from the previous collection at home and I haven’t worn them yet. But then I realized buy while they have it….”

She didn’t notice that I didn’t notice her. I perceived no more than one in four words. I was already at the end of my powers.

“We get off in five minutes,” the teacher said.

“Finally” I shouted and everyone looked at me.

UPS! Sorrye! ” I apologized embarrassedly.

It was great in Cotswold. At first, Mike complained that after only five hundred meters, his legs hurt and that he wanted to rest. But of these few people, no one here knows Mike as well as I do. Him… To him, when I comply, he wants to do it again… And once again, and at least five more times. And that’s not all. He first complains about the fact that his legs hurt then his head starts to hurt (which makes me also with that constant complaining) and suddenly it’s a whole man… Who wouldn’t hurt a whole person from that constant whining? But he probably thinks that I can endure everything. But I, too, am only human. I, too, have only one nerve. And best of all, when he says to me, “What happened to you? Are you tired? “

I have a hundred tastes to answer him: “Well, guess three times if I’m tired!? “

That would probably really offend him. And he would then sue at home. Not that I’m somehow wrong with it, but when he does something to me, I mess with it inside myself and I don’t tell the whole street. I was thinking about such nonsense…

There was fun in the forest. But that wouldn’t be Mike if he didn’t bring something out. He found a tall plateau and on it a huge branch bent about two meters from the green grass. He hung up and swung it for a while, and what did the branch do? He burst. And exactly in the middle. Mike collapsed to the ground and began to chuckle like a typical teenage child. Crap, crap and many other breakouts – I just hope not fractures. But far from a fracture of the leg verily did not. But the laughter certainly calmed it down. He was literally rolling on the ground. He is such an endemic. The only one of his kind, such a person who does similar crap, perhaps no one knows yet. He goes to his plane of breakout and done. And should I keep an eye on him? I’m his ségra but well, from there – so far.

Soon after, he snuggled up behind me. Mike behaved like a Welsh tourist, the marked hiking trails were not visible enough to be respected.

“Emily,” he said with a laugh, “did you see me? That was dense… “

And again he just cheered. I shook my head and parted his hair.

“Well, run already,” I chased him to my friends.

He ran away and I didn’t see him again for the whole walk. But at least he didn’t complain to me anymore. We talked to Vivien on the nearby stones. The pale sky was beautiful. Not even a cloud. Vivien looked around for Paiga. In a meadow near the teacher, she chased a butterfly with a friend and Mike. It had a beautiful coloring, and its tiny wings adorned with all sorts of patterns.

Och… if you saw what Mike did to me yesterday morning, you would have fainted in horror. He poured me really cold water. Fie. I still get goosebumps from it! ” shook me.

“Well, if you saw what Paige did to me the other day, you would burst into laughter. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom and she was standing behind the shower curtain on our bathtub. I didn’t see her there, and while I was going to get a new toothpaste, she drew such a Joker’s smiley face on the mirror. I returned to the bathroom and while I was opening the paste, I noticed the inscription on the curtain mirror. The whole toothpaste splashed out onto my. I was enough for her out of fear… “

Vivien began to giggle, and so did I. I imagined Vivien with toothpaste on her face. She certainly had freshly washed hair. And I know how angry she can be when someone messes up her hairstyle. Toothpaste is probably hard to take off your hair…

“So pupils, pack up slowly! ” was directed by the pedagogical supervision, to whom I am extremely grateful that I am not alone here with these kids.

“In half an hour, a school bus is waiting for us at the bus stop at the end of the booking. Peel… Go! ” she announced to the insane students running back and forth. Over the past half hour, I’ve tripped over tree roots perhaps a hundred times. Au, au, au… my legs. We returned home tired. We told everything to the parents and they had a good time, but at the same time they used the educational moment to guide Mike’s behavior in the forest.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 9: Weakening

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