“Mom, I’m going to the park, I’m going to meet my friends,” I muttered.

I ran out in front of the house and waited for Ben.

“Hello buddy. How? ” I asked Ben.

Ben is my friend from the next street. We have been friends since birth. We grew up together and we did stupid things together. I live on Ramlsley Street, where I have my home. A place where I can return at any time. Mom is kind and very caring. Dad works in the service of soldiers, so we rarely see each other. I also have an older sister who is like SBS to me. He watches me where I move, it’s behind my ass everywhere. And it annoys me a lot. Where I move there is also her. And the best in the end. I go out with my friends and she goes exactly where we are. Who the hell wouldn’t be upset? Ben is slammed into her, but to have Ben as a brother-in-law?! Hm… I do not even want to imagine that. Tina does not notice him, but she is happy when they look back at her. Words – it’s pretty in meaning, but only for Ben. Buddy Hugo doesn’t even look back at her. He has his Scarlett and you’re done.

I haven’t found anyone yet, because I’m happy with myself so far. I’m only a teenage age so far, so I’d like to stay a little more r ebel. Ben and Hugo and I stopped at the bench and started talking. But I felt like I was conducting a monologue rather than a dialogue.

“Ben, Hugo… Are you listening to me at all? “

One like the other. They both had their heads who knows where.

“Hey, hey,” Hugo said dreamily.

Ben quickly recovered and muttered, “Oh, who’s going, Tina. Oh, I’m going to follow her. Or should I stay here? “

He looked at me, but I don’t understand why. I never got far with my relationship with my grandmother. There, let him turn to Hugo, I will not get involved in their relationship.

“Do as you like, he doesn’t notice you anyway,” I replied in an empty and lazy tone.

Like a robot with an antenna on its head. If that tin barrack that they have on top of the collected iron can be called a head. We went to the food stall and Ben missed the baguette.

“Ben, you pig! ” Hugo admonished him, and I giggled at the uneaten sandwich.

“Shut up, Hugo! “

And that’s how our morning went. The whole rest of the day we were just catching up anyway. But what else are we supposed to do? I shook my head. I saw Tina again. She really walks everywhere behind my ass. Ben opened his mouth that he would ask me something, but I overtook him.

“Well, what again? ” I was teasing him.

“Doparoma… Tina goes here. What should I do? Riley! ” shaken two to three.

“Hey there. We came to see what you are doing today… ” replied Tina.

“Nothing you need to know,” I told her siblingly.

But seriously now. He may not know everything.

“Pche… ” she was offended and left.

I was frightened by Ben’s expression. For the way I kicked Tina away, he wanted to tear me in half.

“Calm down, bro. There will be more of them. Don’t worry, you walk to the other street and see a new one and you won’t even remember Tina. ” Iwas safe with an angry Ben, who glared at me fora while, but then they talked to Hugo.

“Scarlett and Tina are suitable for us, but what about Riley?

We will also find someone for him… ” I jumped into his speech because I was annoyed by what they were talking about.

“I don’t want anyone. For now, I still want to be alone with myself. And Ben, you’re looking for others like my annoying sister. Like sorry, dude, but I don’t even want to imagine you being my brother-in-law,” he couldn’t have laughed instead of that stupid stare, “I didn’t say anything… ” I finished.

He rolled his eyes and no longer spoke to me through the whole walk around the park. Hugo has at least supported in the fact that even he would not imaginehaving him in the family. Even a distant one. We crossed the road and slowly moved towards the house.

“It would be funny if Tina noticed me. But to tell the truth, I was expecting her to notice me and I wouldn’t just be air for her… ” he chuckled.

They went to Hugo, but I still went for a run to see Tina and to Harper – my second, but younger and fortunately less fussy sister. I would have expected the younger sibling to crawl behind me like a kindergartener behind a big buddy, but with us, it’s Tina who has to keep everyone under control. Not that she’s any kind of leader, but she needs to know where I am right now and follow me furiously.

“Harper and you another unnamed one are supposed to go home for dinner,” I glared at them.

Tina ran over and complained, “It’s me who is here to admonish, not you. “

She laughed condescendingly. I just rolled my eyes. I couldn’t find the words for that. Harper slammed me in the shoulder siblingly and I nudged again. Mom was already standing at the door.

“Where have you been for so long? ” she asked us in front of the house.

“We went for a walk and then I found Tinu and Harper doing crap,” I teased my sisters.

“Liar,” Harper protested.

Exactly. Don’t lie! ” Tina remarked stingingly. I’m glad Harper took it with a laugh, but Tina was always a sucker. But then she laughed unexpectedly. I didn’t expect that. We ate and I went to bed. I watched what they were putting on TV for a while, but then it put me to sleep.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 11: There is no fire without smoke

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