The following month passed quite quickly. I looked at a few pages on the Internet about how people handled laser surgery. The reviews were positive. I, too, have tried to tune in positively during that month. The only one who knew about my surgery was Vivien and, of course, my parents. D-Day was approaching at the speed of Eurostar. The school was fine because I prepared thoroughly. Of course, my pupil’s book was visited by other grades than units, but physics, logic and math were never too much for me. I was learning, but few people could stuff knowledge about equations or joules conversion into my head. I’m surprised the physicist hasn’t given up on me yet. When Vivien and I have a tutor, he just rolls his eyes at us.

“But not everyone is perfect,” Vivien told me the day before the surgery during the tutoring.

“Exactly,” I tapped my foot under the bench with nervousness.

Vivien saw it.

“Don’t worry, you can do it,” she teased me.

Hm… Probably yes. “

The bell rang and the physicist was already looking around to see when we would give up and finally go.

“Let’s go, let’s go… I have other concerns than you two ladies. Well run! ” she urged. When I got home, I learned for Wednesday so I wouldn’t have to do my homework tomorrow. Vivien sends me something, but I’ll do something myself.

Before going to bed, Vivien wrote to me, “Fingers crossed. You can definitely do it. I trust you. V.” And a million hearts and smileys.

Thank you. I wrote back to her. I read Harry Potter for a while and then rummaged through the thoughts in my head for a while. But I didn’t last long…

° ° °

“Time to get up. ” declared mom.

In the morning, I was just lounging and waiting for the twelfth. The trip to Wals took a long time. We arrived around three o’clock because we came across a motorcade. The hospital where I will be given the necessary examinations was on the outskirts of the city. We entered a white building where everything was uncomfortable for me. I had such a strange, indescribable feeling. Something told me to turn around in the doorway and go home. I didn’t want to panic and add worries to my mom. My mother wrote out the examination papers at the reception, and I sat down on a gray cloth sofa. I looked around the waiting room. My gaze stopped at the door with the inscription ambulance and underneath it the name K. Tereyová. I continued to observe the surroundings and looked into the window. It was very nice. The autumn sun warmed with all its might. A small bird landed on the windowsill from the outside. Strange yellow with a glare of brown. When I looked at him, the door to the office opened. The doctor was a thin woman with a long braid and glasses.

“You’re going to be Emily Hudson, aren’t you? “

Yes. Hello… ” I greeted Miss Terey.

It was about half past five when we had sorted out all the paperwork and approvals. Outside, it began to get dark and clouds were gathering. At the end of the warm day, a thunderstorm came. Dark and gray. The weather in London is changing rapidly, and lightning has also begun to appear outside. I lay down on the massive comfortable seat and waited. Mom calmed me down even more and I already got the injection.

I fell asleep.

After some time (I have no idea how long I slept) I felt pain, huge, burning.

I do not know how this could have happened. Everything is burning and I felt it like through artificial sleep. I wanted to shout, but I couldn’t. I was weak. The injection weakened me.

What should I do? I asked myself. Stop, it hurts. I wanted to shout. I didn’t even manage to release a simple au.

I shuddered.

I finally woke up. But something was different…

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 10: Park

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