The night was long. I dreamed I don’t even know what. I remember few dreams. I don’t have a head for that. I woke up many times at night. I couldn’t sleep, so I kept throwing myself around. I went to look at the window and saw the full moon. The moon shone very brightly. Like snow-white earth through the winter. Saturday was long. I just slept and did nothing. Harper snuggled around me for a while and then tried to wake me up. I ignored her, and then she stopped noticing me too. I opened one eye to make sure she really left. Tina ran over with the bread and began to eat it. I got a taste, but I was lazy to go to the kitchen.

“Bring it to me too, I beg,” I asked Tina.

“Bring it yourself,” she grumbled, pretending to be preoccupied with TV.

In the afternoon, I was already a little more action-packed. We went to meet Ben. But only for a while, because in half an hour he was supposed to meet hugo at the Savage club. I didn’t go. I didn’t want to run who knows where. I fell asleep as soon as I arrived. Tonight was appalling. When I finally got up in the morning I went to greet Harper in the living room, where she looked at the news and sat down next to her. I was thirsty and while I was drinking, I was approached by my mother, who was just having breakfast.

“It’s extremely nice today. We could also go for a walk with the sisters in the afternoon… “

I was so tired that I wanted to sleep and went to bed on the couch again.

Harper wanted something, but her mother admonished her: “Harper, let your brother sleep. “

Yes, let your brother sleep. I took a nap for a while and suddenly heard someone outside the door. It was the voice of Ben and Hugo.

“Hey there! ” I greeted them. They were all without each other, they were probably back in the evening at the London Eye. Scarlett lives there and they like to go out with her in the evenings. I prefer to sit at home in the evening and catch up with my sisters who are bored with TV shows and prefer to fall asleep.

“Riley, let’s go to the park. It’s warm outside today and we could do something.. ” the still sleepy Hugo told me.

“Hey, we found a great place. In a nearby park. Will it be fun and will you take the sisters too? Especially Tina! ” Ben asked me.

“I replied to you yesterday. They are girls I will not take them to the park with us. If they want to, they will come! “

“Aleee… ” complained Ben.

“Stop, stop, stop. Where did you go? ” I asked Ben as he flocked to the living room behind Tina.

“But come on,” he complained again.

“Mom, we’re going out. Before Ben ruins our living room with his behavior. Hey there! ” I was joking and my mother shouted me to leave.

Well. Bye bye and put on yourself and your friends pozooór! ” greeted mom.

We walked through the city and still stopped at McDonald’s, but then the taste passed us by. We haven’t had a taste for wings like this before. After all, I didn’t even have a proper breakfast. We found ourselves in the park. We were looking for a nice place to settle in. The sun was warming up pleasantly and the wind was blowing gently. We sat down under an oak tree and talked about a lot of crap. I missed breakfast so I went to the buffet… I missed a baguette like Ben the other day. I started eating and went back to the guys who were urging a long debate.

“If you had seen us chatting yesterday, we were by the Thames and there Scarlett got wet because she was surrounded by a clumsy biker. It was then all wet! ” laughed Hugo.

Then they told me how they laughed in front of the Savage club. I went to say something, but within a second I forgot what.

I saw her.

The decision-making took only a few seconds. She was not alone, but I didn’t mind. I needed to see her. Hugo and Ben just looked at me to see where I was going. I ran to see her up close. People just avoided me and bounced off my path. They looked around, but I didn’t care. I accidentally stumbled and threw it down.

“Get out you dog! ” napomenized ma blonde who just picked her up from the ground.

° ° °


“That’s cool Vivien,” I stood up with Viviena’s help.

“Get out, you dog! ” drove an innocent dog with a scream.

“It doesn’t matter if I make one call. My mother called me. Sorry… ” apologized to Vivien.

“Run,” I told her.

She ran to a nearby bench.

“I’m sorry!

I couldn’t tell who said it, but I heard it. I sat down and waited for Vivien. She made a phone call and ran over.

“Those stray dogs. At least they should put them in a shelter and not let them run around the street in this way, where they can injure someone or be hit by a car. ” thought Vivien. Exactly the same Vivien who volunteers at the shelter.

While we were in the park, I told Vivien what I had experienced in the hospital. She was sad, but she supported me. She didn’t feel sorry for me, and her approach suited me. I just found out how wonderful your true friends are even in the worst cases.

“I’m sorry… what happened to you,” she told me.

I was glad for every single reliable help in a difficult situation. In an hour, she escorted me to my mother’s car. I drove slowly, but she understood me. As blind people wear, I also wore glasses. I didn’t want to be noticed, but the blind stick betrayed me. While my mother was making dinner at home, I was listening to what they were putting on TV. I lay down and supported my head with a down pad. The smell of honey and chili came from the kitchen, the chicken was already baking in the oven and I couldn’t wait. I already began to like eating again. Mom cooked all the goodies and it was worth it, my taste buds could not resist, and since they were tickled by a pleasant smell in the form of sweet or salty dishes, my appetite also awoke… Thank you, Mom!

Mike kept squirming next to me on the couch, but I didn’t mind. I reached the table and we started eating. The conversations after my unsuccessful operation were clumsy at times, but all of us at the table contributed to a pleasant atmosphere. The food was delicious and delicious. Everyone liked it. I took a little nap and left the cleaning after dinner to Mike and my parents.

After dinner, I locked myself in my room and there I thought: Why did this have to happen to me? Why me? Was it intended for me? Should I be strong and get over it? I couldn’t answer some questions even after a long time. I tried to answer the question by asking: Why should I give up so easily? But it didn’t work out very well for me. My parents help me whenever I need to, but so do Vivien and Mike. I covered myself up to my ears, but I kept thinking again. I felt like Bella from the Twilight saga, but I missed someone, someone who would be there for me andko Jacob for Bella. He would be the one who would lift my spirits. He would be a different support to me than my family. I am not saying that mand do not support. Not at all. But I would need to have fun with someone, talk, laugh. A little different than at home with family.

And something came to my mind… Who greeted me then in the park? I did not have an answer to that either. It was a voice that I am not normally used to. He was special… Mysterious and less loud. The voice was sweet and pleasant. Like chocolate. I heard it as if only in my head. Am I dreaming or are they side effects of tranquilizers that they gave me a couple of times in the hospital after my affection and screaming. But that was a long time ago. I do not believe that drugs would have such a long time of action. So how is it possible that the voice was only in my head?! It’s scary and exciting at the same time. It was a warm feeling, to have a little secret just for yourself. I’ll stop there tomorrow and maybe you’ll get back to me. If I want to hear him again, I have to somehow ask from home. I can’t tell anyone that I hear strange voices because they’d think I’ve completely switched over. I need to sleep on it, and in the morning something will definitely come to mind.

When I woke up in the morning I felt an amazing smell. Pancakes with honey and fruit tea. Yummy… I changed my clothes quickly. I have one tracksuit so it was easy to feel them in a drawer. I grabbed the T-shirt first from the top, but I’m guessing it’s one of the red cotton. I grabbed onto the railings on the staircase. I’ve already run up the stairs a few times, so I’m getting used to what’s where. Mike threw pancakes at himself like a tank. I enjoyed their sweet taste. Today was a relaxing Sunday, so I want to go to the park only after eleven o’clock. My mother wondered where I had gone.

“Should I take you somewhere? I see you just wanted to evaporate… ” she asked me.

“Well, I was planning to go to the park. “

Well. I’ve got a way I’ll take you there. But you’re going alone, aren’t you? “

I didn’t want to lie, but I didn’t want to tell the whole truth either.

“I want to be a little alone. But when I meet someone I know, I like to talk to them. ” I myself acknowledged that I was telling the truth rather than lying. We never lie to ourselves in the family. That is our fundamental rule. After all, I myself did not know if I would meet him. On the way, my mother asked me if I wanted something from the store, but I just shook my head. I was too busy with my thoughts for a verbal answer. I thought about him again. Who was he?

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 13: Exploring

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