I didn’t stop thinking about her all day. I haven’t sat back for a long time. I sat down next to my mistress, whose name was Mrs. Quinn. Hailey and Tina were basking and their brightly shiningand golden coat was even more beautiful in the sun. As a golden retriever, I’m pretty sensible, but when I saw her, I lost niewhere my head. At that moment, I didn’t think at all. Not that I bumped into it directly, no, but I had and still have a need to protect it. There was something different about it than other people who walk or drive in their colorful cracks or whatever they call cars.

At first glance, she was reasonable, sensitive, kind, simply amazing. I felt that she, too, was looking for me. Maybe not just me, but someone to help her. I got up from the couch and sat down by the window again. Did she see me? Does she know who accidentally threw her down? Indeed, it was unintentional. I didn’t plan it. It was a coincidence that I am very sorry about. Or it was fate.

“Au,” I snapped.

I crumpled my snout and gritted my teeth. I sharply turned my head to the side. Hailey stood there. She poked at me and I returned it to her. We fought siblingly. I tapped her she tapped me and so on, and so on… Then we rolled out onto the floor. I turned my head back. My whole world has turned upside down. Tina grinned. Mrs. Quinn was just eating tiramisu. Yummy. Of course, as a sweet dog, I can’t, but you can’t resist that. I stood on four and threw the look of a dog’s eyes at Mrs. Quinn.

Not! You must not! But I have one sponge cake here that wouldn’t hurt you! ” she said and I was already chewing on an amazing sponge cake.

I like old people. They will always understand me. By the time I turned around, my two sisters were already standing in front of Mrs. Quinn. They did not escape. I smiled happily in my mind. I sat down by the window again and waited and waited. I’ll go to the park, hopefully I’ll see her there. I quickly greeted my mother and the annoying sisters who were still trying to ask Mrs. Quinn something with barking. Vain. I am smart and in five years I have also learned to open doors. To someone it seems as ridiculous and impossible that the dog opens the door with its paw. Suddenly, Hugo appeared in front of the door, and behind him his head peeked out Ben’s head.

“Hello! ” I greeted enthusiastically.

Hello. “

Hi. “

They greeted me. As dogs, we do not talk by mouth – we do not open them. We communicate with thoughts. It would probably be strange to say in front of people: Hello. What did you manage to eat yesterday? Or: Well hello. How is things going with Scarlett? Where were you for a walk? What did you miss about popcorn? It would be strange. And so we are given to communicate with thoughts.

“Come and go to the park,” I announced to my still sleepless friends, who were still half asleep and half – maybe just in one ear – listening.

“Guys,you could see the beauty on the bridge by the Thames. I stood and she walked with the mistress around. Her name was Gigi. Just imagine Ben and Gigi. Or then one more beautiful splendor passed by. The gentleman glared at it with a beautiful name: Kenyla. This, too, would sound beautiful: Ben and Kenyl! ” said Ben on the way to the park.

“Oh, so dog Casanova has a new catch,” I laughed.

“Can I call you Casanova? “

“No, you Hercules! “

“And I’ll be what? ” asked Hugo, “Ben is Casanova’s and Riley is Hercules. I’m what? Shrek? “

“No, no, dear friend. You are the Arrow Rose… ” oacquainted him Ben.

Not. The Shrek suits me because you have a terrible mess at home and your Kim bears a tremendous resemblance to Fiona. Or do you want to be a Smirk? “

“Why Škľabka? “

“Alice in Wonderland! And otherwise, you are quite similar to her, because I will not get the normal continuous sentence out of you,” I said.

So Casanova, Shrek and Hercules. Hm… That’s what we ended up with. “

We all laughed. When we arrived at the park again I settled under an oak tree. I lay down, Ben and Hugo also lay down next to me. We were lying down and I was waiting and waiting and waiting…

And suddenly I barked, “I knew he was coming. “

I chuckled. She was just getting out of the car.

“Are you normal? Who are you looking at again? You were interested in those girls. But why did you find a girl and not a female? ” asked the canine Casanova in surprise, “the human race is fine and quite reliable in terms of friendship, but the dog is surely… Ta!? “Ben finished, but Riley couldn’t hear that anymore.

“Mhm… ” I said in the run. I ran after her. About ten meters in front of her, I stopped. The car from which she got out left. Because of the blind stick, I found out that he could not see. I was sorry, but at least she is not afraid that a mad retriever is trying to talk to her. I looked to see if I could drop someone on the ground again and walked past her. Getting to know each other began.

Hello! I greeted politely. I know he can hear me. It is different from the others…

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 14: Our story

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