I knew I would meet him. I reached the bench and kept hearing that she was cumming next to me.

Who are you? ” I asked in my thoughts. I was afraid to say it out loud. I was afraid of who would answer me.

So you don’t have to worry about me. My name is Riley and I am… the dog,” he whispered impatiently.

I didn’t expect to hear the dog. I guess I’m crazy. When they operated on me I think the laser ran all the way to their brains and made me shiver there.

Are you really a dog? ” I asked in surprise.

A dog’s life must be easier than a human one. I thought.

Yes, it is, literally,” he replied to an unspoken question.

That crazy dog can hear me?

“Yes, I’m crazy and I can hear you.

“Don’t dig into my head,” I said.


So that’s what I ended up with. I can’t see anything,I hear the dogs and I’ve completely switched over.

Can I trust you? I need someone to protect me. I’ve always liked dogs, but I could never have them.

,, of course.

But I’m telling you, when you meet Hugo, you’d better stay away from us dogs,” I heard him laugh.

Will you be my protector?

I’m crazy for trusting a dog. But he was amazing. I felt it. He will not betray me.

“Yes. I am going.

Thank you.”

Time is the axis of events. Some we forget, some pass very quickly and some we do not want to stop. So I chose the last option. But time flies with him more slowly, because usually only he speaks. It’s funny. I finally have my personal protector. I realized everything. He is a protector. My protector. He is the one I have been waiting for, the one I need. He came into my life by such a coincidence. A friend worth waiting for. I like him as he is and he will always be mine.

Riley is my personal four-leaf clover. It was hard for me to find, but when I found it I was very lucky.

“So, I hear you.

“Yes. Wholly.

“Incredible. I wondered.

Yes, you’re right, incredible.

“But how?

“Your lost sense of seeing has been replaced by a new sense. You can perceive what animals think and therefore…

“So for not seeing you now I can hear? I asked as I eagerly jumped into his speech.

“Yes. I will be your eyes. Dog’s eyes. I’ll keep that nice sentence of his.

I’ll tell you something important now. We see well only with the heart. The main thing is invisible to the eyes… kind of muddled Riley.

“That’s from the little prince. But I have to admit, you said it nicely. I replied kindly.

And what do you actually look like, Riley?

“I’m a crazy dog breed golden retriever. And I am seriously a gentleman.

“So golden retriever… And how old are you? “ I asked.

“Six in two weeks,” he exclaimed.

“Why are you angry about this?

“Well, I’m a dog and I want to be a puppy and not an adult and boring old man.

“Aha. I laughed.

Finally, someone who is joking, because around me everyone just feels sorry for me, even if they try to hide it in every possible way. Even Stella started it, and my cousin Daphne joined in.

“Oh no, Daphne! ” I shouted out loud.

I stroked Riley’s hairy head.

Riley sorry… I have to go. Today, my cousin is due to come with my grandmother from Dublin.

,, wait. Where do you live?

“Cyprus Street.

“Please wait... he asked me and I heard him run somewhere.

He came up with something that resembled a string or a cable. I felt the rough surface of the strings.

“Riley? What it is? with a damp snout, he rubbed into my hand.

“I have a collar. Tie it up for me there and I’ll bring you home safely. It will be the beginning of our common story.

“I have eyes only for you… I thought, and I think I said it in a whisper.

“Em… Where are we going?

Under my feet I felt the ground, grass and wet clay. Well, that’s what my shoes will look like. What’s more, I don’t see them anyway.

Are we driving through the park? I asked.

“Hugo act a little go lady! ” In my mind I heard the voices of strangers.

“Shut up you jerk! ” they conducted each other.

“Hugo, silence and Ben the same! ” said Riley condescendingly.

“Hm… if their thoughts are heard by me. Do they hear them? “

“Mhm… We hear absolutely everything. Even what just flashed through your head.

“Yes, I’m what you thought,” one of the haukas assured me.

“I’m Emily. You’re probably Ben, aren’t you?

“Yes, that’s unfortunately, Ben. I am Hugo, more beautiful and graceful. Oh, sorry, Ben I apologize for my beauty and irresistibility.

“Do you want a mirror? “

Whereupon? “

“So that you can be frightened of yourself. “

“Jerk! “

You… “

“Chalani, come on, enough is enough! Ben you stop looking for a mirror and Hugo you calmly continue to introduce yourself to Emily. ” Riley put the debate on hold.

“Look Emily!

“What… Wow!

When Riley pointed it out to me, it was perfect. I saw what he was thinking, his image that was projected in his head was amazing. I saw with his eyes, but it took a moment, just a brief moment, or rather a glimpse of a real picture of the present. I saw a dark brown Labrador, who was apparently Ben. The second chocolate brown – also – Labrador was Hugo winked at me and then… darkness again. It was perfect. By being able to read Riley’s thoughts, I can see what you were projecting in your head.

,,Wow, wow, wow.

I couldn’t process it yet, so I just wowkala.

“How did you do that? Does Hugo or Ben or another dog also know? I asked Riley.

“I don’t know how I did it, but I can do it again. At least I think I can repeat it, but it’s hard. Try it, Ben.

Riley challenged the severed Ben. After a while, I found out that nothing.

“Nothing,” I said, disappointed.

“I already have it! ” shouted Hugo happily, “by being connected to Riley who knows how connected, only the two of you can do it but Riley knows or can’t repeat it so… about stupid what?

“No, it makes sense,” Riley reflected.

“I’m really interested, but I have to go. We can meet in the evening at half past seven in front of our house. I announced to the biased boy dogs.

Yes, let’s go. Oh my goodness, guys.

“Hey lovebirds,” Ben and Hugo said at the same time.

I stuck my tongue out at them. But only in a friendly way. When we got further, I thought, “Riley you’re a great friend. I know we’ve known each other for barely a day, but I know that… I just know it. I love you. And thank you for giving it a try and returning my sight with your eyes. Thank you very much.

I thanked my best friend.

“Of course, Emily. I was waiting to meet you. I knew from birth that my mission would protect someone. And you are my castle, which must be protected. Thank you, too.

“And we blossom.

“I love you too, Emily.

“But I’m just an ordinary girl,” I muttered.

“For others, you are just an ordinary person, but for me you can be the whole world.

And I thought that nothing could surprise me anymore.

For such motivation in life, it would probably be really rude not to thank.

You’re nice. Thank you! I replied finally.

I smiled, and he, too, raised his upper lip to a smirk. The walk was unusual. The rope I clung to was as strong as our friendship. Riley is the one I’ve been waiting for for a long time. He literally guided me. When he thoughtfully told me that we were at home in the garden, I gave him a tight hug. Riley and Emily forever.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 15: One for the other

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