When I escorted Emily home to meet her cousin Daphne, I sat under the red shutters for a while. On the way home, I wondered how I was able to show her my view of the world. Incredible. Then I tried it at home with Hailey, but she didn’t sit still for a long time and kept squirming. I didn’t have nerves for her and after thirty seconds I gave up.

“Dryer,” she shouted at me when I didn’t have a hard time anymore.

“Hey, hey, I’m, I’m not. “

I didn’t have the time or the god-knows-what desire to quarrel with my sister, who wakes up for the first three seconds which she is alone and has nothing to do. I had to think. During this time, I found out that we can only read our minds for ten meters. Then it goes out like an engine on a car.

“You’re the engine on the car,” someone from outside said.

“Will someone open it for me? Am I at least at the door already? she hissed.

“Emily?! I flew through the living room and kitchen.

“Come in! I challenged her as she stood at the door.

“No, Riley. I have to introduce you to ours. They need to know that I’m going to have a hauka.

Okay. Pa, mom! I barked quickly and was no longer at home.

I dug out the cable from the bushes again, with which I led her home from the park, and poked Emily’s nose into the back of my hand. She tied it to my brown collar and I led her home.

Don’t worry, Daphne left, she doesn’t like dogs. Rather, he is afraid of them, due to an unpleasant experience from early childhood.

How does someone dislike dogs? After all, we are so nice and tasty… I complained.

I don’t know exactly. Come on, Riley!

“Mom, Dad, we’re home! ” Emily shouted loudly and not in my thoughts. If she had done so, I would probably have had to go to the ear. I hear it twenty times more than people.

“How are we? ” asked Mrs. Hudson Emily.

“Well, we. “

“Emily you still have time for a relationship.”

“Well, this is a different relationship than you mean. We are friends. “

“What is it supposed to be? Dog? “

Yes. Are you angry with me? “

“No, Emily! But I have a condition, he will be in your room. So I’m guessing you want to have it in and not out! ” mom made a strong decision.

Daddy chuckled at the question, “And where do you actually get it from? Won’t someone look for him? “

“Are you really going to let me do that? Thankseee! ” I hugged both parents.

“And he found me! “

I accidentally barked out loud – a little more loudly.

“Hi, I’m Mike. “

Oh my goodness, but next time don’t jump on me and pin me.

Mrs Hudson, whom I called the Mistress, and Mr Hudson, the gentleman, I liked very much.

Emily, I still have to go home to tell my mom that Mrs. Quee will have one less hungry neck,” I proudly announced. “Mom will be glad that I have become independent. “

“And how do you imagine just disappearing? “

But… “

“Let me talk. I’m going crazy here with Tina and Hailey. You’re going to go anywhere in the world and I’m supposed to manage it all here? “

But… “

“I’m not done yet, Riley! Your mom will be here alone with erratic teenage girls. I’m not saying I’m not glad you found a new mistress, but I’ll need help. Tina slams the door and doesn’t show up until night. Hailey, she’s a housewife’s sloth, and when she wants something, she just barks, “Will those sausages be ready? ” or “Mom? Raise the temperature on the radiator, it’s cold here like in Antarctica, and mom bring me those granules from lunch. ” Do you understand how awful it is? I’m still just bouncing around hungry necks. At least you helped me. You are the second oldest. “

But… “

“Don’t jump on my tongue! Actually, already speak, I already said what I wanted. “

Finally! ” I grumbled.

“I know it won’t help you much when I leave, but wouldn’t you want me to be happy? I know, I know. So I will stay here and watch Emily often. “

“And you can stay with her a few times to sleep for two days. But you have to come and help me I’m older and I don’t manage as well as I used to be. “

“I love you. “

“I love you too. Emily seemed to be a decent little girl. Greet her from me. “

I blinked. Of course, I understood that my mother did not want to let me go further than our home, but even so, a soul of hope was dormant in me. Of course, hopelessly. I laughed at my optimism and naivety about a carefree future. Someone is talking about how amazing it is to be a dog, but sometimes I don’t think so. My dog’s instinct whispers to me to finally stop fantasizing, but my brain keeps shaking crap and thinking about like: what if? It’s annoying, but I still have to keep my brain busy so it doesn’t think about Emily. I am somehow attached to her. I do not understand how. But I’m glad I didn’t understand it yet. That would just be a worry.

It was simple: I’m an unusually crazy dog with a lot of extra free space in my head, so I’m thinking about crap. And as for Emily, I don’t even think about her. She has no flaws… I rolled over to the side. I slept about eight hours. In a dog, quite a few. I’m used to lying out all day and occasionally looking at the ségry to see if they’re doing something illegal. The other day, when Mrs. Quee picked us up because of Hailey’s excessive scratching, the driver didn’t want to let us onto the bus because Hailey was going to tear up behind a pigeon. I then had to chew through the leash so that I could drive the scarecrow away the pigeon. And who got a spanking because of a stupid pigeon? Well, me. So I don’t want to embarrass myself there with my impatient sister, and I get my ass kicked for willingness. That, then, is fairness. I rolled over on my side again, because the floor somehow hardened overnight.

Au. Au. Au! ” I yawned after every muscle and joint movement in my twisted dog’s body.

“Will you stop? ” said Tina.

“But will you be quiet? ” I lashed out at the sleepy and absolutely nervous Tina.

“No, you Hercules. “

“How come you know about my nickname? ” I’m going to whip them so much behind the ears of those dogs. After all, wait for Cassanova. I’ll tell Tine, such a stinging news that you’re going to fly. I told myself.

“Well, I have my resources. And already sleep! And most importantly, do not annoy me. You can see that someone is annoying Mrs. Queen. ” I threw one eye on the couch. Mrs. Queen calmly blew herself away. I turned a blind eye and the other. I have not yet seen anyone sleep with their eye open. I dreamed of Emily. The dream was about her telling me one single sentence: We are here for each other.

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 16: Secret diary

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