“Can you stop it? “

Summing up, Mike hasn’t changed. I have changed my approach to it as much as possible. Mom is furt the same. Daddy too, but something has changed. I. I am ready to overcome all the obstacles that stand in my way. I will go through the paths that have obstacles, because a path without obstacles is never a good choice. It has worked for me a few times, but to tell the truth, I can’t remember.

“No, seriously Mike. Stop it already! It’s all scattered here. Better go do something useful and go learn how to fix a clogged siphon. Daddy will be delighted when such a mechanic comes to him. “

I yelled at Mike as he was tidying up his room. I’m happy I didn’t see the mess, but I couldn’t hear the rustling of Legos, T-shirts, balls and old children’s posters through my bare feet.

“What does it stink? Where’s your snack from Thursday? ” I asked with a stuffy nose.

It was a sound like a helium balloon from a circus taking a breath. Fie.

“Where’s your snack Mike? ” I asked again.

“I try to breed penicillin at home. “

Fie. Are you normal at all? It’s been hardening for six days now. “

Not. I am endemic. “

“Hey, I’ve already found out. And immediately go throw it away. “

“Okay. “

I couldn’t see how he looked, but I could imagine it exactly. Mike slammed the door and I was left standing in the middle of the stink. I reached the window and pulled the handle. I took a deep breath. Finally fresh air. I closed my eyes dreamily and listened to the sounds of nature and the surroundings. In a month it is cold here. Christmas… Cakes… Warm stockings… Gifts… In my mind, I was reminded of the smell of gingerbread. Honey-nutty flavor with milk. Figs, almonds and an amazing sour orange. And especially wafers – with honey. I really adore honey. Like raspberries. But these are more for summer than for cold December.

“You again? ” I turned my head to the right and curled my upper lip.

Thirdly, I rolled my eyes. Mike oxidized again with the Avengers gadgets. I guess he’s already totally forcing those Avengers on me.

“Come down go Avengers Endgame. Under already! ” he pulled my hand back to the living room.

“Wait, Mike. Stairs. “

There is a dog expert on the stairs. Dodge people. He goes to the rescuer. Mike, dodge you too,” Riley thought proudly.

I didn’t expect it. But it probably comes whenever I need it. He pounded up the stairs like a buffalo and then nudged me with something new.

That’s a lead for blind people,” I thought intently.

Riley answered my unspoken question clearly: “Yes, that’s what you think. And it is useful. I already have that annoying and itchy dog corset. It bites and tickles terribly. Flea.

He complained to me.

“That’s perfect Riley. Where did you get it?

“From my friend Rocky. He is a distant neighbor. I think you saw it once when you came to London for the first time and started living on this street. Even then, he was quite old, but he remembers a little tasty little girl with braided braids. He, too, was once on duty with the blind, but then he grew old and… You probably know, he couldn’t do it anymore.

“Oh, so tell him that he helped us a lot. But you don’t have dog training, do you?

“I don’t, but I can try without it. Do you believe me? I orient myself in the space fine, I don’t run somehow extra fast and I trust you to believe me.

“Oh, it couldn’t have been said more complicated…

I didn’t have time to finish the sentence, my mother was shouting something to me: “Emily? Emily! “

Yes. I am here. “

“Oh because I’ve been yelling at you for over two minutes now and you’re still nothing. Did something happen? “

Yes, mom did. It switches for me because I can talk to the dog and then I can still read the thoughts of Riley’s other weird buddies. No, I could not tell her. I don’t want to lie to my parents, but I have to. I would probably end up somewhere in a circus as an attraction that says dog tricks from the head while not saying anything. And the dogs will jump as they are told. Well, that would be terrible.

“No, nothing. “

Well. If anything, we can talk calmly. “

“Okay. “

I want to talk too, mistress,” Riley joined us.

He shoved a leash into my hand and I got stuck with his collar and harness. I stumbled down the stairs and stopped at the door, where I put on my favorite rubber boots. Rained. After nice days, this is to be expected. I grabbed my umbrella. Yellow matched my skirt beautifully. I closed and we went for a walk in the park.

I’m really cold. I’m all soaked. We’ve been going for at least an hour… complained in a piece of Riley.

We walk for five minutes and are only a few meters from the house.

“Oh, oh, oh, I don’t like rain,” he complained all the way to the park.

I sat down on a wet bench. I’m glad I had a raincoat. At least my clothes didn’t get wet.

“Hahaha. Stop talking about drought.

“I didn’t say it out loud.

“But we’ve all heard your thoughts,” two familiar voices whispered. Ben and Hugo.

“The boys are cheering. Emily, will you unfasten me please.

“Thank you,” Riley grumbled after unfastening the terrible harness for him.

“Go for a run. Today is Tuesday, I have to go to the Garden senior. Mrs Brown is waiting for me. As you know, I wanted to go two weeks ago, but Mrs Brown was afraid that I would not be able to do it there, and I quote: ‘You have to get used to it. ” And I’m already used to it. I’m already looking forward to it. Come to me. Brick house. That’s what Riley could find.

Yes, I could. Among the thousands of brick houses. Um… it will be a breeze. After all, Riley will find it… he murmured sullenly as I was leaving.

Hey guys!

“Bye Emily and say hello to Sibilia,” Bensaid with great interest.

Whom? ” I asked, “Sibiliu? And who is that?

He will speak to you. He’s already waiting for you,” Hugo replied.

All the way I wondered who Sibilia was. I let myself be surprised. But what else was left for me? Nothing but waiting.

“Oh, good day, Miss Emily,” someone said in a rustling voice.

“Good,” I greeted mysteriously.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I am Sibilia. Under closer.

“I can’t see where you are. Sorry.

“Don’t apologize. You are not to blame for this. It will probably be better that it has you do not see.

,, Why?

I’m hurt,” said a voice. Still mysterious. I thought others could hear that voice, but again, it was a delusion of my head. A dog was talking to me..

Yes. I am a and very old.

“Can I help you in any way?

“No, Emily. You don’t have to. Only one thing will help me…

“Aha. Understand. What do you actually look like? What happened to you? Why are you so mysterious?

“Oh. Still just questions. There are always too many questions, but without answers, the world would be easier. Not all questions are answered. Life is actually one big question that we only get an answer to at the very end.

“What do you mean by that?

“Oh, my dear. Try to ask a different question. Or try to answer for yourself. How did this happen to me? Answer.

“I don’t know. I was expecting an answer from you. And not my riddle.

Okay. My master. Mr Press died in a car accident and I suffered many injuries. Since then, I have been to shelters twice. I was in danger that if no one wanted me anymore, that would be the end of me. I miss Mr Press very much. But you know how it is… where the heart has been silent the memory continues to live…

“That was beautiful,” I told her as we walked to the entrance to the Garden.

“I’m going inside with you. Mrs. Brown is like a spare mistress to me,” she told me.

“Hello. Sibilia, you have breakfast here. I bought you new granules. I hope you enjoy them. “

“Hello Mrs. Brown. We finally see each other, but not exactly. So, we finally hear each other! ” I grumbled.

I was really excited to finally be here!

“Hello, Dr. Gilbert,” I greeted the gentleman who was sitting next to Mrs. Brown on the couch.

Hello. I am Iliris. Sibilia is my sister. I’m a of Mrs. Brown here.”

So everyone here already knows that I understand your dog language. Even in a huge city like London, news seems to travel faster than in a village where there are fifteen people.”

I could barely speak and something disgustingly sticky was already dripping on my leg.

Riley!” I shouted at him as he leaned his head against my new daisy knee-highs.

“You pig. Couldn’t you come unsealed the first time? “

“The mud hasn’t killed anyone yet,” he replied indifferently.

“I have a hundred cravings to bite you in the tail! ” sighed Iliris.

“But don’t talk? You’re already like my annoying segra. “

But. Who called!? ” they quarreled.

“Enough talk. Sibilia show Riley where the showers are, Iliris, you take this and go bring it to the last floor. To Mrs. Brown’s office on the desk. In the meantime, I will be talking to Mrs. Oliviou. I haven’t seen her in a long time, so Riley don’t dare to come there and embarrass me! “

° ° °

“What did I tell you?! You shouldn’t have come here!”

“But those wings you eat here smell so good…” he said, thinking of the crispy delicacy.

Yes. Even my brother controls thousands of leaks when it comes to food.”

“So on…”

I took one tasty wing from the table and slipped it to his snout.

“Olivia. This is my bodyguard Riley.

I’m pleased… ” said Riley with his mouth full, but only I could hear him anyway. He probably wanted to be polite.

“Hello, Riley. We have already met once… “

Hey, where? asked Riley, but as always in vain, no one except me heard him again.

“Surely you remember me on Tower Bridge. You know where I mean, don’t you? “

Eehm,” Riley muttered disapprovingly with his mouth still full. I just realize how terribly slow it is.

“I understand you,” Riley replied to me with a full muzzle of fragrant meat.

What? ” I cried out loud, and Riley’s deafening scream into the void swelled in my head.

“I don’t understand him as much as you do, but I also had a similar dog and I got along very well with him. How do you see Riley, Emily? “

Em… well I don’t know. I never thought about this, I just knew that it was him and he would not betray me, he would perceive me as I am and we would understand each other. We will not have reservations about ourselves and we will not condemn ourselves. We’ll be there for you no matter what. Riley is… my. It has always been so, it is so, and it will always be so. I understand his feelings, expressions, words, thoughts… “ Damn it! What I said. Oh, no!

“I know what the bond is between you. My dog Damon was the same. I didn’t understand his thoughts perfectly, but I got to grips with the essence of the matter. At that time I was about seven years old, I was on a walk and lying stiff from the cold in a thicket of foliage. I took it home, but you know how, the dog’s parents didn’t even want to see it. “

“So what I told you here thirty seconds ago, don’t you take as a clipping of my imagination? “

“No, Emily. I had a similar story with my best dog friend, but as you already know, there is a bond between you and this Riley that no one in the world or even in the whole universe can explain. “

“Do you know what kind of bond it is? “

Why did I say such nonsense? Mrs. Olivi, and yet she cannot know what Riley is like and what I am, and what unites us that we cannot even be ten meters apart.

Know. Riley is more than a dog. Everyone can be more than what they are. If he tries, of course. Dreams do not become reality for nothing. Is it true that you dreamed of someone who would be more than a friend to you? “

“I wanted someone with whom I could say what no one knows. “

Do you have no secrets from me?” he asked in surprise.

No, I’m telling you my feelings, thoughts and ideas that even Vivien doesn’t know about. You are my secret diary that is locked and unlocked only by my feelings. I haven’t told anyone that.”

UPS! I really can’t tell my thoughts and what I’m going to say out loud. Now Mrs. Olivi and she will think that I have hit the door on top of all this and rubbed my head hard.

“You probably think I’m completely shot when I poem like this here about a dog I’m somehow tied to. “

Not. “

“Is that a fact? “

Yes. I was the same. But we couldn’t read our minds. I tried to figure it out for twelve years. But with Dan, I got along like no one. He was just a little less fussy like Riley. Nothing against you Riley… ” she told me.

Riley just nudged me in the hand because I knew I hadn’t seen his wink. It’s kind of our… signal.

“I knew you could do it Riley,” Mrs. Olivi said praisefully, and towards Riley.

“What was he supposed to prove? ” I asked.

“You’ll figure it out over time. “

“But when will I figure it out. “

“When the night begins with sunrise. And no more questions. It is already quite late. You have been here for three hours. Lunch is definitely already on the table. Bye bye, Emily, and when you need something, you know where to find it. “

How was it ‘where night begins at sunrise.’? I quickly said to my unspoken sentence: “Well, I will not remember that.

“Well, that’s why you have me,” Riley muttered.

“How come you perceive me as I am? I’m just an ordinary girl.”

“For some, you’re just an ordinary girl, but for me, you can be the center of the universe.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re not worth it.”

The rest of the way we went quietly. I secretly looked at Riley’s thoughts and wondered how important I was to him. I have nothing to say to my classmates at school at the moment. Vivien is my best friend, but she has changed. I am not saying that I do not. She was frightened. Not me. She was frightened because we don’t meet so often anymore, we don’t call like crazy every minute and we don’t get angry at every stupid thing that goes by. I miss it. A year ago, we were like sisters. Secrets united us, not divided us…

“If you want, tell her about us…”

“Hey, don’t dig into my head,” I laughed amused.

“You’re climbing into mine too,” Riley countered.

No. I am determined that until we meet regularly, this mystery is only in two heads.”“Whatever you decide, I’m here with you.”

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 17: Obstacles

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