I asked all sorts of questions. I didn’t find out anything, but Emily is still counting on me. What she told me a week ago encouraged me to help her even more. At school, they avoid it. Even with my hen’s little brain, I found out that they felt sorry for her. She doesn’t even want to hear about it. Vivien began to notice her again, and they go out again. Instead of painting, she models. Statuettes, buildings and something else that the shape cannot be determined. Thus, not seeing has to work with things that he can do. She tried to paint a picture, but instead of canvas, she dyed the wall, and the janitor was really angry with her. Then she tried her luck and tried again. She didn’t hit it again, but this time it was caught directly by the janitor, because he was repairing the sink in the classroom, and the paint blew it out of the bucket. Finally, they moved her to Vivien’s modeling shop and they spend their mornings and afternoons there. I go to spy under the windowsills. They often laugh in such a way that even through those anti-noise walls, even a deaf person would hear it.

During that week, I managed to do a lot of things: eat something, sleep, eat something again and sleep again. I had so much that I didn’t know what to do sooner as an action dog, but this week I was terribly lazy. As I lay upside down on my back today like a chicken on a baking tray, it occurred to me that I would entertain Emily with agility training. He will teach me tricks, jumps and sweeps. I stood on four and ran to the door, there I barked five times because I was lazy to open the door. Mrs. Queen came out of the living room and opened it for me on a cloudy day.

Drrr… ” I whined.

It was so cold that I probably wouldn’t have expected it in December. It’s never this cold in England. If I hadn’t been embarrassed, I would have put on a scarf. But they would probably look back at me, that even the dog had already switched. I ran for my life. I had to tell her. That was my best idea in the last three years. Emily will definitely like it. She will be proud of her haukáč. I stopped at school and sat down. I began to wag my tail as it came out of the door of the building. She went down the stairs, and behind her three girls laughed. Susain, Daisy and Grace.

,,… Can you see her?… “

,,… he doesn’t even know where he’s going….”

,,… Look at what he’s wearing?…. “

They whispered about her. I gritted my teeth and felt like biting them. She knew I would get a spanking from that janitor’s scarecrow, but it was worth it. I bit into her skirt and tore it off. She was torn on her right side.

Ha… 1:0 for Riley.”

,, What happened? a helpless Emily asked me in her thoughts.

“Nothing you need to know about. I just did you a little favor.”

I chuckled again. Barbie pulled me by the collar and I cleverly smashed it onto the poly.

I would like to say that it was a pleasure, but I do not like to lie, Barbie. “

I was left without a collar, but that’s nothing.

“That was pretty rough Riley. ” encouraged has Vivien.

“You’ve finally counted the outdated model. “

I adore being praised. Emily grinned, and Vivien watched Barbina run to the girls’ locker rooms.

“You shouldn’t show her eyes anymore, Riley. ” thought Emily, smiling in spirit.

Emily, I have something to tell you.”

,, Yes Riley. But not here.”

“Okay. At home?”

“It might be cool there.”


I shuddered proudly. She will be thrilled with my wonderful idea.

“Hello, Riley! Already officially. “

I forgot that I hadn’t introduced myself to Vivien yet.

I tried it: “Hello. “

Well, in vain. I hate it when no one but Emily can hear me. It was warm in me and I was looking for a way to talk to her and please her. He must find out that I am not just such an ordinary raven. I barked, but not like a squirrel disgustingly and with anger, I used my dog’s charm and elegance. I came to Vivien and sat down on the cold concrete. I lifted my paw and handed it to her. She gladly grabbed it in her hand.

“Jeeej! You are golden! ” she praised me again.

Emily smiled. I knew she was proud of me – she thought so – she wouldn’t hide anything from me. On the way home, the girls were talking about the girl’s things, and I pretended not to notice them. When we got home – to Emily – I rolled out in front of the fireplace. I fell asleep. One hour, the second hour, the third hour, and the afternoon is gone. I would have slept for at least another hour, but the tremendous smell of smoked meat from the soup woke up. I shot from the sofa and flew to Mike’s chair. He started eating and my clinkers converged.

Give me… Give me… Give me… I thought, but Mike didn’t hear me.

The mistress looked at me ugly, but Emily was just cheering behind a plate of soup.

Riley. I can hear you. But do you know how others hear you? You bark! Mom’s head is already crawling. You’d better keep quiet, because you’ll be sleeping outside today.. ” she whispered in my mind.

Trucovito, I returned to my place so as not to irritate the mistress and the master. It’s cold outside, so I don’t plan to sleep there. A few times I smelled the smell of meat, but I no longer dared to move my hind paw. I also smelled something else. I came to the window and, bored, leaned my head against the inner window sill.

Cataaaa! ” I screamed, but the mistress slammed her fork against the plate and opened the door for me with a thud.

I forgot again that only Emily could hear me… The mistress indicated to me that I can bark outside as much as I want. I shook my head to the right and noticed Emilia’s sad expression. For the first time I am at Emily’s house and for the first time I can sleep with her in a warm fur pellet that they bought me in the afternoon with Vivien. I hung my head and cupped down the stairs to the garden.

Emily looked at me one last time, and then the already annoyed mistress closed the door. She is not bad, she just does not like it when they have dinner and does not hear her own word when talking, because the dog barks because of every stupidity.

,,… Riley is pleasant, but you need to train him. After all, he can’t sinister bark at Mike when he is. I’m glad you found a friend, but she won’t be able to stay here if she doesn’t behave decently, she has to go back to Mrs. Queen….” I listened to the conversation between my parents and Emily.

I glued my ear to the wall and continued to listen. I didn’t hear anything special. Once in a while, my name was heard, but that didn’t bother me. I was more worried about sneaking into Emilia’s room in the middle of the night. If he had a room downstairs on the ground floor, I would climb through the window. I looked up. In it, the room was lit. I estimate that I will not jump five meters in height. He showed me a light bulb in my head like in a movie. Something came to mind.

Emily? Rather? I asked her.

Em… Not anymore.”

“Is the window open in the bathroom?”

“Well, I guess so. I don’t know, we tend to leave the window ajar.” she muttered half-sleepy.


“What are you going to do? Riley…” I didn’t hear any more.

We moved away more than ten meters and the connection did not work. I ran to the bathroom window and pushed the half-open window with my paw. It was small…

“Au, au, au,” I yelled.

“Damn it!” I muttered to myself. I got stuck.

“But come on. I’m not that fat.” I complained and looked at my wedged background in the window frame. I caught myself against the wall with my front paws, and my hind leg was inside.

Every day I run from home to the park and Mrs. Queen takes me for a walk, what should I buy some treadmill so I can stuff myself through the bathroom window?”

“Uf!” I shuddered when I finally reached the washing machine.

I quietly peeked into the living room and checked if someone would move me to the garden again and I wouldn’t have to sleep there all night. Air clean. I tried not to think about anything to make Emily a surprise. I wanted to go up the stairs, but then it was as if I had crashed into a stone wall. I pulled back and climbed quickly behind the couch. The Lord passed by. If he had seen me, it would have been a disaster. I don’t know how I would explain to them with my barking that I was so fat that I almost didn’t crawl through a thirty-five-centimeter window into a cold bathroom. The master left, and I quickly walked to the mezzanine, and there I hid behind a flower. The mistress looked suspiciously at the flower, which is suddenly somehow fatter. She came to me and almost saw me. While she was bypassing the flower, I climbed behind the curtain. Thankfully, it’s dark all over the house. How glad I am that Mike is already asleep, because of him it is dark throughout the house. He supposedly does not fall asleep at all when there is even something lit in the house. The mistress bypassed the flower and I was really relieved. I took a deep breath, and then I hoped with a little soul that no one would scare me like this anymore. It was thrilling because a few more times before I arrived at Emilia’s room I had to hide behind an armchair or a bonsai. Then I slowly opened the door and saw Emily sleeping. It will be difficult to close the door – I have not yet learned that – because at Mrs Queen’s house I only shook, but now I have to shake it quietly. After all, it cannot even be splintered silently. I stood on the back and pressed the handle awkwardly.

Bang! Ups… That was a little loud. I thought.

What was that?! screamed Emily – it almost tore my brain as she thought out loud.

“Can you think quietly?”

You didn’t answer my question,” she argued with me.

“I tried to sneak into your room,” I emphasized kindly.

Great. And now I have how to explain… Well, mention the devil.”

Up the stairs, rushing footsteps could be heard. Mom. I hid behind the door and hid under a woolen purple robe just in case. I stuck out my nose and eyes. I had to see what would happen. The door was forming and I had the feeling that it had a full snag. I pulled down my chest to fit into the twenty-centimeter hole between the wall and the door. I bulged my eyes because I was running out of air. The theater began, where tickets were free. Well, not quite. The air was running out and I wanted to whimper loudly. I was really tight there.

Emily? Did something happen? ” the mistress asked.

About… I… I guess I was… sleepwalking. ” she told mom.

“And are you okay? Good, Emily.. ” she greeted and closed the door.

“Fuuuuu!” I exhaled behind the door with a bang.

Emily? What was it? “

The door opened again.

Riley?! What are you doing here? How did you get in? Emily, talk! ” said the mistress angrily.

But then, as if the anger had disappeared.

Sorry. I went to let him in. I was sad. Riley is seriously important to me. ” said Emily sadly.

“I get it, Emily. Riley is golden, but not very well-mannered. “

Oh thank you, mistress,” I thanked, even though no one heard me.

“And can he stay here? Sorry, I had a bad day today and Riley licked it off. “

After a while, Emily and mom hugged, and I was already snoring calmly in the new warm pellet. I woke up in the morning at Emilia’s feet. Oh, I already remember… in the evening I was terribly cold and the duvet that Emily was supposed to be covered with seemed niceand warm. I was curled up like a cocoon, and Emily was rattling from the cold. I took the sheet in my teeth and covered both Emily and myself. That’s cool.

“Thanks, Riley,” she thanked and slept on.

I saw what time it was and immediately pulled off her duvet again.

Emily! See what time it is! It’s seven, and Vivien is already waiting for you in fifteen minutes to meet and go to school.”

“Damn it! Vivien!”

Emily. Wait! I wanted to tell you what came to mind.”


“Agility trainings.”

“Riley, that’s a great idea. There is a forgotten garden nearby. There I can go to exercise you. How did you think of that?”

“It just came by itself.”

“We can discuss it in the afternoon.”

“But now you have an oral answer from history. Oh, no! History!”

“I forgot!” She complained constantly.

While she was dressing, I asked her questions from ancient Egypt, and she answered me with reluctance.

When Vivien came for her, I escorted them to the end of the street and ran to my mother’s home for toys and a flying saucer for the dog. While I was sliding in a shoe box looking for tennis balls from my childhood, Tina came to see me. Today she was in a particularly “great” mood.

Hi. “

Em… hello. “

“What are you doing? “

“I’m squinting in a shoe box if you can’t see,” I replied, and she glared at me with a nasty look. I don’t know why he’s staring so disgustingly.

“Where is mom? ” I asked, and she just shook her head to the left towards the kitchen. I had three tennis balls in my mouth and I will be back tomorrow for the flying saucer. I don’t have that much free space to keep the little things. I talked to my mother and she suggested that I stay with Emily while they were at the Walsa cottage. I joyfully agreed, because firstly, I do not know how I, the dog, would call through that electric bush – according to Emilia’s vocabulary: a mobile phone. After all, my claws on my paw are bigger than peanuts. If I had to tap on the screen, I would break the “mobile” or if it didn’t break right away, I would lose my nerves after the first three taps and I would chew that “mobile”. My mother escorted me out and I wished her a nice trip to Wales.

° ° °

On the way, people looked at me as I could fit so many balls in my muzzle. I put the express balls in Mike’s hands and he stored them nicely in the bottom drawer in the hallway. I don’t want to pass Mike off as my slave, but I really didn’t want the master to wipe my muddy paws. It’s terribly annoying. In return, I allowed Mike a short walk. So I didn’t even let him. He came with a leash and a collar and, against my will, put it on my neck.

Au! It hurt. Put it on the weaker! ” I complained when Mike fastened my collar to the mostforceful. He continued his work and, of course, he did not hear me. After a walk, I went to see Emily at school in the rain. I stood at the main entrance under a dry canopy. She came, and I rubbed myself at her feet.

Riley? Is that you?”

Oh no, Harry Potter,” I laughed disapprovingly.

Aha. So, Riley, after all. No one has sucha dewy, but at the same time spontaneous humor as you.”

It hurt! I laughed again and whined cunningly. But this is just for amusement. I am happy when he laughs at me and amuses me. On the way home, we stopped at a pizzeria.

Yup! Vivien invited us for pizza! ” I screamed.

“Us? asked Emily in surprise.

“You,” I corrected myself.

I can’t have pizza. At most, Emily gives me chicken, which is on top as a decoration. I must not do more. I suppose I would be hard. Pche… human rumors. I don’t think chicken has killed anyone yet. And I was right. I missed it. The next week we went to see a nearby meadow, where we brought the first material for a completely insane thing.

Riley? Will you hand me a hammer? ” asked Vivien. I get along well with Vivien. I mean, I understand her, but she thinks to me – like all the other people in the world – that I’m talking some kind of cosmic babble. People think that I don’t understand them at all e and we do what we want. But this is absolutely not the case. I understand people and I do not speak at all with incomprehensible babbling. I’m glad that, I understand people, if I didn’t understand them, I wouldn’t get bacon, and if it wasn’t for bacon, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I grabbed a hammer from the stump of a cut tree and, succumbing, brought Vivien to the nails. She nailed the battens to herself, and after three hours of this was an obstacle for the dog. I helped Emily with dragging a huge plastic tube about three meters long and wide to fit my background there. We pushed it into the middle of the meadow and then I inadvertently let Vivien down on her foot because I spotted the twins and those two annoying adult teenagers. Henry, Kevin, Teresa and Stella.

“Hey kids and mr. dog,” the twins greeted at once. Teresa and Stella looked exactly the same today. Pink jeans and a white black striped T-shirt with a heart in the center. The girls killed the bars together, and the guys wore them. I was the head of the whole program and that’s why I had the hardest job of all. I lay down, slept, and after two hours of my hard work, I chased a bow tie.

“So just build a sign for marking: dog training. And kids, the rest of us except Emily are supposed to bring our dogs to exercise? “

Everyone stared at Emily, and she nodded her head, because she was just handing out nails to Vivien, who was shaking her fingers with a hammer and shouting loudly.

“Au, damn it… ” she screamed, shaking her hand in pain.

“Well, I suppose so. We could start training our dogs and then people could come here too. If we were to charge here, when it starts to teem among people, then we could donate the money to the shelter, what do you say? ” asked Emily, and now she was serving the cloves to Stella.

Riley? Will you bring us friends? I mean Hugo, Ben… she thought.

I was wondering what my dog buddies were doing.

Jasnačka. I’m flying! ” I said, and the twins behind me looked around, where I suddenly went.

“Emily, your dog is running away!… ” shouted Hugo, but I couldn’t hear Emilia’s answer anymore because I was far away. I ran to the house and found fluffy gardeners there.

,,… that bone wasn’t so deep….”

,,… but she was, if not then I would have come across her already. And on top of that, go to Tina to lend us a bowl for found things… “

“… go for her alone because Tina is not at home and Riley has sewn up somewhere and I have no idea where she is now… “

“Has anyone mentioned? “

“Hey buddy, where have you been stuck for two whole days? “

“I was sewing with Emily and a bunch of immature teenagers on a nearby meadow. “

“And can we go too? “

“Yes, now I ran to you to suggest it to you. Hey you! You illegal gardener! What are you digging up my garden! ” I took off with a laugh.

I keep Hugo’s expression in my head until I die. He pulled his head out of the ground, and his expression was something in between: a dog that did not see the mesh and flew through it, and something like a frightened hen on a farm that had just been frightened by a cat.

So…. well… in short, a year ago and something we buried here together a bone from Ben’s dinner. I wanted to enjoy it. But I forgot to ask you about it, as it’s your land. Hehe… “

“I’m going to give you such a hehe that up. ” I spat out then I pulled it by the collar with my teeth from a pit about a meter deep.

“Are you coming with me? If you are lucky, you will have a new mistress or master. “

I encouraged them, and they were already chasing after me like soldiers.

“Stop, stop, stop! “

“What again? ” complained Ben, and Hugo raised his eyebrows.

“Well, probably why did I stop at the fountain? Peel, wash yourself! After all, you are all muddy. Well run! ” I them and they obediently moved to the clean fountain. When they shook, we ran after Tina and Hailey. We needed one more or haukáč.

“How about taking Scarlett? She would come with us… ” suggested Hugo and ran straight for her into a block of flats two streets away. Her coat resembled a just-blown sheep. I have never seen Scarlett before. She moved in three months ago and still went somewhere for dog shows.

“She’s a poodle? ” I asked in surprise. I thought it would be, I don’t know a Labrador or a husky, but I wouldn’t really expect a poodle.

“Hey guys. How are things going? “

Fine. Come on in. By the time we get there, Emily has already found a new dog. ” I said and Hugo was already flying five meters in front of us.

Emily. We are here,” I hoped he could hear me, because we were almost there.

Great, Riley! she thought, and I smiled proudly.

“So kids can we start? “

She suggested when we got in line. Each of the kids chose a dog or a. Teresa fell into the eye of Scarlett – and they resembled each other, even Teresa today had a kind of blown bump on her head, Ben liked Kevin, and their chocolate hair and Ben’s fur were incredibly well matched together. Stella stood up to Tina, and Tina smirked at her in a doggy manner. In character, they were completely suitable for each other. Hailey immediately began to wrap herself around Vivien, and Vivien automatically grabbed her in her arms like a little puppy, and Hailey hid in her pale hair, her coat completely disappearing with Viviena’s strand color. Hugo and Henry started with the same letter, and that already means something, they also caught each other’s eye. Each dog and its new owner matched each other with something: Scarlett and Teresa with a guppy on their heads, Hugo and Henry in the initial letters, Vivien and Hailey with a brightly shiny golden color, Stella and Tina with their authoritative nature, and Kevin and Ben also with chocolate hair color.

What about me and Emily? I have no resemblance to her and we still fit together as if we had known each other in a past life. Well, we are all different and we are born to stand out and not to perish with the crowd. Scarlett, of course, was the first to run to the training ground. Obviously, it always has to be the first. The training went perfectly for her, she listened even without rewards, because she and Teresa sat down so much that she was willing to do anything for her. But after each successful jump, they had to take a picture on Instagram. This was followed by Ben, Hugo, Hailey and Tina. I went last. I have already experienced what happened to me with Emily once. It hurt, but that’s until later…

“Riley, now jump on the wooden bars and then go through the tunnel,” she ordered me, and I obeyed with joy. I was thinking about how proud Emily would be of me when I could do it all and we would go everywhere together and it would grind…

Translated by artificial intelligence from original: Louisa Palffy -Oči iba pre neho

Chapter 18: I hate the answer “I don’t know”

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