Riley I didn’t stop thinking about her all day. I haven’t sat back for a long time. […]
Riley The night was long. I dreamed I don’t even know what. I remember few dreams. I […]
Emily I felt everything hurt. I drove through a lot of rooms. Different voices could be heard, […]
Riley “Mom, I’m going to the park, I’m going to meet my friends,” I muttered. I ran […]
The following month passed quite quickly. I looked at a few pages on the Internet about how […]
The next morning I got up early. Because of two things, I put my alarm clock on […]
I opened the door and mom and dad were sitting at the table. I looked for Mike […]
I opened the goal and dialed my mom’s number. “Hey, mom, are you coming from work? I’m […]
Mrs. Brown was waiting for me. I took a taxi a short distance from Elephnat Park. Mrs. […]
“Damn it! ” I scolded. In a hundredth of a second I was on my feet. Not. […]
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Moje meno je Lujza Pálffyová. Som maliarka a spisovateľka. Moju prvú knihu som napísala v roku 2020.
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